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Aka.ms/yourpc is a Microsoft portal that is used to help people to sync their mobile or android devices to Windows computers; by using this way, you can make a call, send text messages and see …

Aka.ms/yourpc is a Microsoft portal that is used to help people to sync their mobile or android devices to Windows computers; by using this way, you can make a call, send text messages and see your photos from mobile by using the drag and drop on your mobile. However, to do this process, you require one windows app for your desktop or Laptop, “your phone.” For mobile, your phone companion app will work for you. https://www.aka.ms/yourpc is just a portal, and it is used to get the mobile version of the app and reach out to the place where you can get it.

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This article will discuss the www aka ms yourpc; I will share how to get your Phone and your phone companion applications on your devices and a more fantastic way to connect them using the portal or QR code. I will also write about some fixes that you can face in the future regarding this portal, so stay with me and check the complete guide to understand all aspects of this world.

What is www aka ms yourpc

When you want to sync your Windows device to mobile, you need to have an app name your Phone on your computer. After that, you need to start the setup of this app; at the time of pair device, it asks you to go to the page www.aka.ms/yourpc that is a Microsoft portal, it will redirect you to the play store for an app download with the name your phone companion – link for windows and you need to download that for the further connection setup.

www.aka.ms/yourpc your phone instructions

In the past, www aka ms yourpc, is used as an authentication portal to create a connection between your mobile and Windows computer; now; days the phone companion app does all works, and it will work in the best manner as you can see. So, you can say it is a portal that helps you sync your windows computer to android mobile in modern times.

It helps many people and working professionals access all their mobile things such as calls, text messages, images, and music on their windows desktop by following the simple process. I will first talk about setting up and downloading all applications and software to sync your system.

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How to Get Your Phone and Phone Companion App

To establish a link or a sync between your Windows computer and android device, you need two applications; one is Your Phone that you need to get from the Microsoft store for your PC, and then you require your Phone companion – link to the windows application on your android device.

First, I will give you a way to get your phone app on your computer; check the below instructions.

1) open the Microsoft Store on your Windows 11 or 10 device.

2) Now search “Your phone” on the search box available in the header section of the Microsoft store.

3) Install and download the app by clicking the ” install ” button. It is a straightforward method to get that app on your Windows computer; however, you need to login into the Microsoft store with your account if you are not using it for some time.

This app is preinstalled on most laptops and computers, so search for your phone app and open it to start the setup.

Now, you need to have it on your mobile.

1) Open the www.aka.ms/yourpc page in the mobile, and it will automatically open the Play store with the app name “your phone companion.”

2) If you do not want to do this, search “your phone companion” on your android play store and click on the install button to get the app on your mobile device.

3) This process is different from any other app installed on your mobile device.

How to Link Your Windows PC to Android Device

Now you have both applications on your systems; you need to check the below instructions to complete the link between them to access mobile functionalities over your windows Laptop or computer.

1) Open your Phone on your Windows computer, now click on Get started button, it will come out with a new screen that asks you to visit the www.aka.ms/yourpc.

2) After that, click on Paid device before checking the check box on the app screen. Now snap “generate QR code,” and it will make a Pop up with the QR code.

3) Open your phone companion app and give it access to your camera to scan the QR code.

4) Scan that QR code showing on your computer using your mobile, and this app will automatically connect to the computer.

5) However, it asks for various permission that you need to allow access to your Windows computer to get multiple mobile services. Now, you can make a call and send a message using your computer, and it’s a cool thing to have.

In this process, you need a Microsoft account to log in; if you did not create any Microsoft account, create a new one and connect that into the Your phone app to make things safer. This method is applied for windows 10, 11, and android device that has 7.0 and upper version.

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Fixes for www.aka.ms/yourpc errors

In some cases, people get various errors in the process or at the time of access to aka.ms/your pc. So, here are the fixes that you can try.

1) Restart your computer if the app is not opening or your system hangs when setting up or accessing the application. Restart your mobile if the same thing is happening with it also.

2) If you have an error in signing, then create a new Microsoft account and then try to sign in; finish all the authentication steps to allow full access, and it will also remove all errors related to signing in.

3) If you have any errors regarding the www aka ms yourpc page, remove all the cache from your browser and retry now; it will fix all the errors related to accessibility to the page on your mobile browser.


In this article, I talked about every aspect of your Phone, your phone companion, and Microsoft portal aka.ms yourpc. You need to do as I mentioned, and that will allow you to sync your computer with your mobile device. Let me know if you have any questions or queries regarding this article.

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