Who Is Elizabeth Huberdeau? Know Ex-Wife Of John Cena

Who Is Elizabeth Huberdeau? Know Ex-Wife Of John Cena

Elizabeth Huberdeau, commonly called Liz Cena, is a real estate businesswoman. She is the former wife of WWE champion John Cena. Both of these couples got married on 11 July 2009. But after staying some time together, they got separated.

Do you want to know more about Elizabeth Huberdeau? Are you interested to know about her life, career, relationship status? Yes, we got your back covered. So, do stay with us as we are going to let you know everything about Elizabeth Huberdeau that we got to know from our sources.

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Now, without further ado, let us talk about Elizabeth Huberdeau.

Early Life Of Elizabeth Huberdeau:

We believe that the first thing is first. And that is why before we talk about her career, we would like to talk about her early life first. So, to begin with, Elizabeth Huberdeau was born on 28 September 197 in West Newbury of Massachusetts, the United State of America. She is a person who maintains privacy and that is why she never disclosed her parents’ names to us.

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Apart from that, we are not aware whether she has any siblings or not. Elizabeth has the ethnicity of America. However, now she stays in Florida.

Unsurprisingly, she is mostly known as the wife of John Cena, the WWE champion. Well, let us now, talk about her education.

Education Of Elizabeth Huberdeau:

As we have discussed her early life in the previous section, we think, now is the time to talk about her education. Elizabeth has attended Central Catholic High School in Lawrence and later Cushing Academy in Ashburnham. Additionally, both Elizabeth and John have revealed that they met in their school. So, we can understand they were couples from a very early age.

And it is likely that the duo has met each other either in Central Catholic High School or in Cushing Academy. To add more, Elizabeth and John are school sweethearts.

Moreover, Elizabeth has enrolled herself for further studies and joined Springfield College for real estate business. Although, she has a high interest in the modeling field as well.

Elizabeth’s Career:

Next, we are going to talk about her career. Elizabeth Huberdeau is formerly known for her media career. She has not a popular name before she became the wife of John. She always has accompanied her husband everywhere. So, it is quite understandable that her life as a celebrity was a busy one.

Apart from that, according to our sources, she is a real estate businesswoman. In fact, Huberdeau works as a broker. Her real estate business mostly focuses on construction, trading, buying, refurbishing of both commercial and residential properties.

However, some sources claim that she wanted to pursue her career as a model as she had a keen interest in modeling from her school days. But, unfortunately, due to some reason, she could not and later she chose to become a businesswoman.

Net Worth Of Elizabeth Huberdeau:

Do you want to know the net worth of John Cena’s ex-wife? Well, after knowing about her career, it is quite obvious that you would want to the net worth of Huberdeau. As the former wife of famous John Cena, the public get interested in her earnings. Unfortunately, her exact net worth is not known to us. However, you can assume that she earns well as she works as a real estate broker.

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In addition, according to some sources, her net worth is $500,000 USD. And she also gets alimony from her previous marriage with John Cena.

Age Of Huberdeau:

As previously mentioned by us that she was born in 1979, as of now, her age is 42 years. Apart from that, we would like to let you know her zodiac sign. And her astrological sign is Libra.

Elizabeth’s Relationship With John Cena:

Are you wanted to know about Elizabeth’s relationship with John Cena? Well, we do understand. So, hold your breath tight and let us share with you the information regarding Huberdeau’s relationship with John Cena.

Although you guys already got to know that John and Elizabeth or Liz met each other in school. So, we can assume, they were together from a very young age. And after dating each other for quite some time, they revealed their relationship in public.

However, Elizabeth has never been in limelight before her engagement with John. In the promotion of his movie 12 Rounds, John announced that he is going to be engaged soon. However, he did not mention Elizabeth’s name.

Both of these childhood friends got married on 11 July 2009, 5 months after John’s announcement. The duo united in a private ceremony in Boston.

After her marriage, Elizabeth has left her dream to become a model and aided John to nurture his career as a wrestler and actor.

Unfortunately, the duo got separated after staying 3 years together.


Alright, according to our sources, Elizabeth and John did not have a child. And some sources claim that John was not ready for that responsibility.

The Reason For Divorce:

Both Elizabeth and John were on a marital bond for 3 years. Although, the reason behind their separation is not much clear. However, we got to know from the private sources that John has affairs despite he was married to Elizabeth.

Current Relationship Status:

Well, as you understand, her present marital status is divorced and she gets her alimony from John. But, we are familiar that she is now dating someone. She has confirmed her boyfriend’s name. And, Elizabeth is with Eli Ayoub at present.

Social Media Accounts:

She loves to maintain privacy which is why she is not much active n social media platforms. She does not post much about her personal as well as professional life as well. And, some source claim that she does not even has an Instagram account.


So, these are all about John Cena’s ex-wife  who is currently focusing more on her career as a real estate businesswoman.

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