Which Social Media App has a Ghost as its Mascot

Which Social Media App has a Ghost as its Mascot

To think which social media app has a ghost as its mascot, one would come to think of having a feature that would enable the features of ghosting. The only app that has the mascot of a ghost is snap chat which has succeeded in capturing the attention of not only gen y but also gen z. The feature that makes it more appropriate is the sharing of pictures that lasts not more than ten seconds. It is the ghosting ability of the pictures that removes itself from the inbox in less than 10 seconds makes it interesting.

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There are many other interesting features that make it approachable. Various filters and editing filters bring about the beauty of pictures. Snap chat first released its application with the face of a ghost in it however it was changed with no face. One can add friends to their snap chat lists and view any videos or pictures put on their stories. Along with this, you can even chat in the inbox. When you are trying to add somebody, you will get a Ghost with a smiling face along with heart-shaped eyes.

Which social media app has a ghost as its mascot?

The app that has a ghost as a mascot is Snapchat. It enables the offers of video and photo messaging among the friends that you have added. The ghost mascot has a thick, black outline which is placed against the yellow square in rounded corners. The pop of color that the yellow provides is enough to gain the attention of the users along with the features it offers.

The features are to die for. The outline in the yellow background makes it appear like a ghost which gives it a creepy yet alluring touch. The mascot that is used as the logo for Snapchat is called the Ghostface Chillah. It is based on Wu-Tang clan Ghostface Killah. The mystery behind the ghost mascot was solved by the creators of Snapchat itself as they told that the ghost may be seen or may not be seen.

A firm has claimed that the creators forgot to draw the face of the ghost which can be filled with the user who is using it. It means the user’s face is the face of the ghost. However, in an interview, the designer who designed the Snapchat logo claimed that they really forgot to put a face in the mascot.

What is the purpose of Snapchat?

The purpose of the application is pretty straightforward and can be noticed by the users as the features and interface characterizes the ghosting ability of the application. The app which has the name ‘Snapchat’ can be divided into two. The snap of the title means the ghosting features where the videos and the pictures disappear within ten seconds after sharing it in the inboxes. It can also disappear after the recipient sees it.

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The chat in the Snapchat also disappears if the recipient has been swiped right. The main reason behind the formulation of the application lies in the fact that it seeks to create the real psychological effect that one has in a face to face conversation. It is because of this particular stimulation process of the application the users have risen more than 210millions in 2020 and only continues to grow.

The application has become a favorite among the users of different generations mostly because it gives them the freedom to be who they are without getting criticized for it.


The purpose of Snapchat is to seek the identity of one’s own being. Starting from a ghost, you can build your character and revolve around it without being judged, where you can share that being with people in the stories, which will hang in the memories for 10 seconds and will be lost in the string of time.

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