13 Websites Like Animeultima To Watch Anime In 2022

Enthusiasts of Anime are well cognizant of websites like AnimeUltima; these websites work as platforms for streaming unlimited anime content through their mobile, tablet, and PC devices. The faithful devotees of AnimeUltima consider it to …


Enthusiasts of Anime are well cognizant of websites like AnimeUltima; these websites work as platforms for streaming unlimited anime content through their mobile, tablet, and PC devices. The faithful devotees of AnimeUltima consider it to be the most competent pick for watching fresh new episodes of Anime TV shows. Although the reasons for the favoritism and popularity range variedly. 

From the user-friendly interface to unlimited free Anime streaming and downloading, it is a worth anime streaming website all around. While it all supplies the dubbed and subtitled latest anime episodes, for others, it is all a convenient mobile app available for android users. 


However, This anime website is down or not becomes a pervasive question on the AnimeUltima Reddit channel. For people who live off anime shows, the news becomes disastrous. 

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And instantly, concern around the latest episodes of the top shows on the website becomes a trending discussion on various platforms like Toradora and Angel Beats. But thankfully, the world around anime fans doesn’t have to stop with its not working. So if you are thinking, why? Then the answer to that question is the next section.

Websites Like AnimeUltima

Even if animeultima stops working, the fans with the list of top websites like it won’t necessitate worrying about it. Instead of fussing over it on Reddit, they can instead check out your escape list when it decides to doom the reason behind your existence. Oh yes, Anime for anime fans are that mattering.

Similar Websites To Watch Anime 

  1. Funimation 
  2. Ani.me
  3. 9Anime
  4. AnimeFreak
  5. AnimeHeaven
  6. AnimeLab
  7. WatchAnime
  8. Crunchyroll
  9. 123animes
  10. animetv
  11. 4anime
  12. animesuge
  13. watchani

Working url 














1#) Funimation

Not as impressive as GogoAnime and KissAnime, but Funimation is relatively safe for your privacy and data. Also, it comes with a good enough library size to not be disappointed with.



  • English subtitles
  • English dubbed anime episodes
  • Video quality- high
  • Legal
  • Mobile App
  • Convenient to use


  • Not free
  • Trial period-14days only
  • Registration- must
  • Only accessible to the US fans of Anime.

Visit Funimation or download the app and fill your free time with Anime and manga.

2#) Ani.me

Ani.me, one of the best alternatives to Anime Ultima, this website, along with being genuinely legal, is also completely free to use with no hidden cost.



  • Legal
  • Free-No hidden cost
  • English dubbed episodes of Chinese Anime for a better reach
  • English subtitles on the complete range of anime shows, series, and movies.
  • Library- amazing size
  • 18+ anime content also available on Ani.me
  • Additional sections like news and forum
  • Mature Anime available


  • Not accessible from all countries. 

To use all that it has to offer, the first test whether the website Ani.me is accessible in your country or not. 

3#) 9Anime

This website is known for having English subtitled Chinese anime tv shows, serials, and movies. But while it is already famous for one thing, let us find out all the other good and destructive features of this website, an alternative to Anime Ultima. 



  • English subtitles
  • No hidden cost Free
  • A fantastic number of options you choose from
  • Dubbed options available


  • Varying video quality
  • No mobile app
  • Illegal and website not secure
  • May require VPN
  • Changing domains

A torrent website for Anime. So while torrents are illegal to use, if you are one of the freeloaders on the internet, try 9Anime; you might not find a reason to leave the website anytime soon.

4#) AnimeFreak

Why would you miss the latest episodes of popular shows like Anime Ultima Toradora when you have the best 10 alternatives and AnimeFreak.



  • Great library
  • No registration required
  • Unlimited and free browsing and download
  • Simple user interface 
  • Latest episodes of the most popular anime shows- updated right on the home page of AnimeFreak. 


  • Not many dubbed episodes and shows in English.
  • Mobile app not present
  • Website- not mobile-friendly
  • Unsafe and illegal

Don’t miss the latest episodes of your favorite anime show on AnimeFreak, even if Anime Ultima stops working. 

5#) AnimeHeaven

Suppose you are looking for a heaven on earth experience and your definition of heaven involves binge-watching anime episodes. In that case, AnimeHeaven is the place you need to visit right away. 



  • Free and no hidden cost
  • Dubbed category present to easily find all the dubbed content in under one place. 
  • Latest episodes of top anime serials updated within hours of their official airing
  • High-quality video can be streamed for free


  • Illegal and unsafe
  • No app
  • Changing domain names
  • Website-not great for mobile viewing
  • VPN may be required for an uninterrupted watch

If you watch subtitled and dubbed Anime films and TV shows, it’s best to quickly shift to Anime Heaven. The speed at which the dubbed and/or subtitled content gets updated on the website is unmatched. 

6#) AnimeLab

One of the best options in the list of websites similar to Anime Ultima is AnimeLab. It’s a legal all anime website with quite an impressive library. 



  • No subscription fee required
  • Legal
  • Episodes updated within 1 hour and called live streaming of anime shows
  • English dubbed episodes of anime shows are available in the library. 


  • AnimeLab, unfortunately, is not available worldwide. 
  • It comes with a mobile app, but the AnimeLab app gets many complaints regarding its working.

If you are a true Anime fan and looking for legal anime ultima alternatives, you must try visiting AnimeLab once.

7#) WatchAnime

Moving ahead, WatchAnime is the next choice in our list of AnimeUltima alternatives. Although illegal, let us find out if it’s worth choosing for Anime. 



  • Size of library-pretty good
  • Content organized under multiple genres
  • Free
  • English subtitles available for anime content viewing
  • Videos available for streaming in the highest quality
  • You can even request the owners to allow streaming a particular show not yet updated on the website


  • Illegal and unsafe
  • Changing domain names
  • VPN may be required for uninterrupted streaming experience 
  • Not the best option for mobile-viewing 

While exploring options for watching the latest episodes of your favorite AnimeUltima Angel Beats after the website is blocked or taken down for some days, you should try the search options on WatchAnime once before moving ahead.

8#) Crunchyroll

The last option in the list but a good alternative, Crunchyroll, is a renowned channel for free Anime in the US. 



  • Great collection 
  • English Anime
  • Mobile App
  • Games
  • Free and paid versions
  • Legal


  • Live streaming for paid users
  • not accessible in all countries

There can’t honestly be a better option if it’s available in your country. Visit now!

9#) 123animes

123animes is a likeness of a movie, and tv shows monstrous 123movies with the identical essence and user experience that performs this site deeply worthy to anime hobbyists.

On this animeultima alternative, you can hunt for your preferred inscription or spread to the trending anime series/movies with a maiden snap on the home page.



  • You can perceive all the anime shows published between 1958 to 2021 through 123animes.
  • It has 8-10 varieties of filters to win your precious titles as soon as attainable. 
  • 123animes is a freewheeling anime streaming site.  
  • No signup is claimed, but you desire to conserve your episodes and locate worthwhile characteristics. Then, you can formulate an account here.
  • 123anime backs the download button for individual anime series or movies; however, you will additionally notice most Japanese Anime with English and French subtitles. 


  • A pirated site, totally insecure and not protected for streaming.
  • Some time servers down due to copyright upshots

10#) Animetv

Animetv is also a lookalike site to animeultima; you can discover English dubbed and subbed Anime undeviatingly exercising its search bar.

In addition, you can reach the top anime 2021 list in the intermediate segment of the home portal. This site renews its content on a diurnal basis; for new episodes and movies, you can monitor the recently updated anime section.



  • You can indent video quality between 480P to 1080P based on your internet speed.
  • It underpins an anime search engine on their home page, where you can rummage for any title with different specifications like studios, writers, and other stuff.
  • Animetv serves you contnet in all mazor genres.
  • Some extra perks are enumerated when you register an account here, but you do not ask to perform through any signup process for streaming.
  • It is also a free anime shows streaming site.
  • Provide subtitles in various morphologies


  • Illegal site because practice some copyright content
  •  servers down in lots of countries and mirror sites constantly change from one name to other names.

11#) 4anime

4anime is a replica of 9anime, and most of the functionality and content scale is the same there.

You can utilize freshly added, popular this week; those two categories to find some fresh anime shows to follow in the upcoming time.

To view, any episode just ticks on the choice of the title, and it will initiate a new window with the class video player. 



  • Have one of the top-notch video players
  • Free, no forceful signup required.
  • Have multiple working servers for the same episode
  • Serve subtitles in English and other popular ones


  • Illegal website
  •  It can be harmful to your system
  • Not enough content as compare to animeultima

12#) animesuge

Animesurge permits you to experience English Anime with subtitles and in dubbed English versions for free. It also preserves a prolonged directory of anime shows without any restrictions in streaming, similar to the animeultima website.

Furthermore, using anime surge, you can monitor newly renewed Anime shows in categories such as dubbed, subbed, Chinese, trending and many others. 



  • Free-No hidden service charge
  • Chinese and Japanese shows with English subtitles or English audio
  • Have almost all new shows
  • New episode update frequency is faster, and regular


  • Not convenient for all the user
  • An unsafe option 
  • Not completely legal. 

13#) watchani

Watchani website is loaded with more distinctive slants of functionalities contrasted to other anime ultima alternatives. For example, you can notice the latest updated episode on the main page that you can use in the ongoing anime series.

Furthermore, from the right segment of the site, you can utilize the seasons and genre section to obtain access to a more immense database of animation movies and stuff. 



  • Lots of categorizations and filters to use
  • Content directories are more advanced
  • Most of the videos have subtitles
  • No enrollment required for any user to stream 


  • VPN may be required for uninterrupted browsing of Anime shows on the website
  • The website not secure and safe

Given the popularity of websites, it might become difficult for you as a regular user to know whether a particular website that you are browsing Anime on is safe or not.

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 It is thus highly recommended to always use an antivirus on your system and try to use the known legal websites and apps for online streaming as an alternative for AnimeUltima EU. Here we give all the details of sites like Animeultima. If you found more information than please let us know in the comment section.


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