10 Vumoo Alternatives For Online Movies Streaming

10 Vumoo Alternatives For Online Movies Streaming

With the emergence of Netflix and other streaming sites, we can enjoy watching our favorite movies at the click of a button. One of the streaming sites that has become very popular lately is Vumoo.

In the present times, most people prefer watching their favorite movies online. There are various websites available, who offer the facility of streaming movies online. You can simply log in to the website and start watching your favorite movies. But you will have to subscribe to watch the film online.


With the rise in popularity of this site, many people are looking for sites that can offer the same movies on Vumoo. This movies streaming site is an online platform where you can watch your favorite movies. It provides high-quality content. If you want to watch your favorite movies online, you can use it. 

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This website is a top-rated video-sharing site. It is the platform that helps you create your video channel and post content within the app.

Online Movie Streaming Sites Like Vumoo

Vumoo is the best place to get over 1 million visitors on your track. It’s one of the best alternative sites to YouTube without spending a dime. We look at the top alternative platforms for it.

1#) 123movies

123 movies is a free site seeking to offer you the newest release of Hollywood blockbusters, the latest episodes of your favorite TV shows, documentaries, and anime classics. 123movies is your best option for free streaming online in HD quality. This site has made your favorite movies and TV shows available for free and legit.


The easiest way to watch movies is on 123movies.com. The website offers a variety of film, including top-rated movies, upcoming movies, and recommendations from the community. It also features a range of categories such as horror, sci-fi, comedy, and action. The website is available to all users, even non-firefox users.

123Movies has been around for years, and it is a company that provides movies as well as Tv shows. Vumoo is still relatively new and has only been around for a few years. 123movies has an extensive variety of movies and Tv shows, while it is a little more limited.

2#) FMovies

FMovies is a free site that gives you access to thousands of movies and series, from old classics to the latest blockbusters. All content is categorized neatly, from TV Shows to Anime and from Hollywood to Bollywood.

In the past few years (and especially with the rise of streaming services), FMovies have been supplanted by streaming sites like Netflix and Hulu — but FMovies still have a lot to offer. 


FMovies is a less popular site, but that doesn’t mean its quality isn’t as good as other one. Some may argue that the movies on FMovies are better because of their comparatively more minor library, which has been more carefully curated. Vumoo’s library is more prominent and therefore has many more choices.

3#) SolarMovie

SolarMovie provides you with a service of streaming movies, just like Netflix. However, on Netflix, you pay, and then you watch. In SolarMovie, your download, and then you watch. 

If you don’t want to download anything, then SolarMovie is not for you. But if you want to download movies while still enjoying watching them online, you can use SolarMovie. 


Free movies and entertaining videos are available. Unblock and download SolarMovie, watch movies online for free on HD quality with no limit or restrictions of time or space with the offline video player on PC, laptop & mobile devices.

Since SolarMovie is a torrent-based service, users can watch high-quality videos on any device. The service also offers 24-hour customer support, fast service, and excellent customer privacy. SolarMovie is a good movie streaming website.

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4#) YesMovies (Recommended Vumoo Alternative)

YesMovies is an excellent place to view free movies online. It provides a great selection of titles to choose from, and a variety of new movies are added daily. It is highly recommended if you are looking for an excellent place to watch movies online and is better than any other movie streaming website I have used in the past.

The variety of movies available on YesMovies is almost unfathomable. On Vumoo, it can feel like there’s not much for you to watch. There are no documentaries, no foreign films, and most mainstream entertainment is out-of-bounds. With YesMovies, however, you get an endless supply of classic films in one place.


A movie player is just software that allows you to view movies online instead of downloading them to your computer. There are many options for you to choose from. One of the most popular is the YesMovies player. 

It is free to install, and the best part is that the viewing experience is like that of a full-fledged player. Another great thing is that you can download the YesMovies player using torrent software, and it will not cost you even a single penny!

5#) VEXMovies

VEXMovies is a platform that brings the latest movies and shows to your country. It is a free app available on iTunes, Google Play, and Windows phones. It is the best app to stream the latest movies and shows. So, enjoy unlimited entertainment now.

In terms of video streaming, VEXMovies have a very different interface from Vumoo. With this streaming site or other sites like it, you access all videos uploaded on a list and then can watch them in order. 


The interface that VEXMovies uses is more like YouTube, and the design is like Facebook — you can subscribe to channels, search for specific videos, and browse through individual pages.

They only offer legal streaming, whereas Vumoo provides legal streamings for paid memberships and illegal streaming to those without membership (free).

6#) Putlockers

Putlocker offers you free movie download, no surveys with the latest movies in HD quality. Or you can just stream for free on Putlocker, downloading nothing at all, also in HD quality!

Orignal source is a website with hundreds of great sources to watch many movies and TV shows online. Putlockers offer similar services that are still in private use. However, the two sites have different policies, and what’s more important than that is the quality of their content.


Putlockers have many titles available un-subbed with subtitles and no ads on them, while other one has plenty of free TV episodes that you can download or stream with no hassle. In the end, it’s up to you which site you think is superior.

7#) PopcornFlix

PopcornFlix is a site that lets you stream movies and TV series for free. Popcornflix offers over 120 films and TV series you can stream for free, with no commercials or subscription fees.

First, PopcornFlix is not a website that requires you to pay monthly fees. In addition, it has over 40 million videos, whereas Vumoo only has about 5 million. The site is also much more intuitive for new users and features an improved interface.


PopcornFlix also offers better movie recommendations based on your tastes and interests than Vumoo does. It takes too long to search for movies and doesn’t feature a specific list of genre-specific movies with user reviews like Popcornflix does.

8#) Hulu 

Do you know about Hulu? It’s a website where you can watch your favorite television shows from NBC, FOX, ABC, and more. You can watch all the episodes of your favorite program and enjoy your free time. You can watch the video anytime, anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection. It’s a free service.

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Hulu is a group of Internet TV sites, the most prominent being Hulu.com, offering television series and movies for viewing on-demand. The one attraction for customers is watching current TV shows online, a practice illegal in some areas, besides the free video rentals.


Some people are looking for factual entertainment rather than being left out in the cold due to lack of funds or having to wait a day for the next episode. Hulu is a network of television shows and movies with around 100 titles available each month.

Their library is not only a trove of entertainment, and it is all taken from different sources. One of the most prominent places for Hulu’s content is YouTube, where users upload their videos. Hulu does an excellent job of removing the videos that violate their TOS.

9#) Yify Movies

Yify is an excellent site for downloading high-quality movies online for free. Yify is a free movie download site with over 20,000 free movies to choose from. YifyMovies is one of the best websites for downloading free movies online, and you can be sure to find any film you’re looking for.

It is a reliable, fast, and free service for downloading the latest movies from all over the world. It supports subtitles, but it doesn’t offer them by default. The site supports Android, iOS, and Windows platforms. 


It also provides an advanced search function that allows you to look for movies in different languages or categories if you need to find something specific. 

10#) ZMovie

ZMovie offers a catalog filled with movies and TV shows to stream or download. The site makes it easy to find something you’ll love, from popular blockbusters to underground classics.

It is filled with quality entertainment in genres, such as action and adventure, comedy and romance, drama, and documentary. You can also choose from the most popular titles if you’re looking for something in particular.


ZMovie allows users to stream anything from their computer and watch videos for free, and it works with other browsers such as Firefox or Safari. It can be your go-to option for watching movies (even if it’s just something like people trying not to laugh).

The Bottom Line

Whether it’s a rainy day or you just don’t feel like going outside, watching movies online is a great way to pass the time. However, the choices can be overwhelming, especially with all the available illegal movie streaming sites. Here we’ll help you sort through the legal sites and show you where to find the best movies online.

Vumoo is an excellent website for streaming movies online, but it is not the only site with this ability! There are tons of other sites out there that can help you find movies to watch, so we wanted to put together a list of our top 10 favorite sites to use in Vumoo’s place. 

With this knowledge, we know you can enjoy a great selection of free movies, TV shows, and documentaries on your computer or mobile device when using video streaming software like V umoo. So what are you waiting for?

As always, we hope you enjoyed these movie streaming sites, and we will be back with more great content soon! 

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