SSM Smart Square Login – SSM Health Employee Portal

SSM smart square is a login portal for the employees of the SSM healthcare system in the USA. Smart square is designed by the Avantas solutions to provide the employees with various information such as working timetable, schedule, and other employment information through this online portal. SSM square login tool is used by the 11000 providers and 39000 SSM health care system employees. Basically, Avanta solutions provide the scheduling and management software to the large organization to manage the functionality, scheduling, and communication with healthcare employees through a portal.

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50+ organizations use Avanta’s smart square system, and it has a pretty vast userbase to help through their system and applications. Now, I will share how to log in to the SSM square portal, and then I will share some basic information about its key features, what the SSM health care system is, and how it works on the ground level.

The process to Log In SSM Smart Square Portal

You need to follow a straightforward process to log in to the system. However, before reaching to sign-in process, you require the following things.

1) you need a login id and password provided by the SSM health at the time of your employment.

2) you need a digital device such as a mobile, laptop, or computer to do the process.

3) a reliable network connection must be needed to follow the processes.

4) You also need access to the smart square login page; for that, you can check here:

As I wrote, you collected all those stuff and are ready for the login process; follow the upcoming steps to do the procedure.

1) Reach out for SSM health smart square website by using the following URL:

ssm smart square login portal

2) Open the page in your browser, and now you need to enter your “Login”

and “password” into the respective text fields.

3) after that, press the “Login” button, and you will reach the dashboard of the SSM square portal and can see various activities, updates, reports, schedules, or other related stuff.

In some cases, employees forget their password; for that emergency or situation, you can use forgot password option in the following way.

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1) Reach out for page:

2) Click on the “forgot your password” button to recover your password; when you press it, you will be forwarded to a new page.

smart square forgot password

3) Now, you need to enter the “Login” and “Email” details and press the button “send the email.”

4) After that, you will get a password recovery email and your registered mail id; you can open that and enter a new password and confirm the new password. After that, press submits button, and the process is done.

5) Now, you can enter your Login and new password to access the portal.

Steps to access SSM Smart Square on Mobile

You can use a way to add to the smart square system to your home screen on the mobile, you need to follow the given steps, and it will be done.

Here are the steps:-

On iPhone Device

  • First, Go to the ‘Menu’ at the bottom of the screen, which you can see on your device.
  • After that, select the “Share” option.
  • Now you need to Scroll to the right and look for “Add to home screen” Or a Plus sign that you can see on the last screen.
  • Click “Add” on the next screen, and it will add to the home screen.

On android device

  • To Add Smart Square on your mobile phone browser, Tab on the ‘Create bookmark’ icon or the star icon to the right of the URL bar on in some cases, the three horizontal lines that appear in case you are using chrome browser.
  • Click on the ‘drop-down menu on the ‘Add to’ option and snap the “Home screen” button or item after that.
  • After that, it will be added to the home screen of the android device.

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Features of SSM Smart Square Portal

There are various features available on the SSM employee login portal for the employees and the hospital organization to benefit the patient and doctors. It has multiple innovative functionalities and services that make the whole system a better environment.

1) The first and foremost important feature of this portal is the intelligent scheduling that is necessary for a medical or hospital environment. This system covers cyclic scheduling, shift management, on-call scheduling for patients, doctor’s time scheduling. It provides the best and intelligent result to manage the whole system without having any issues with the patient. These features make SSM healthcare a better place for work and the patients.

2) After providing better scheduling, the second most important feature is time management for the whole system. This process creates an automatic timetable for all the nursing staff and doctors to remove any hospital mashups. The SMM Smart portal also makes a 120-day complete plan for all the members to check everything arranged their thing. This system also provides full transparency and tools for the management to put things in case of sudden changes or requirements.

3) This employee login portal also provides all information about your leaves, vacations, replacement shifts, and all other things that can help you change things accordingly.

4) In this portal, you can also see various performance charts, maps, and things that can help you with your future in the organization. It also helps to improve employees to get up to date with everything.

5) Employees can also get the latest news, information, and other related to the health field on the portal, also see their profile and performance and task availability through this portal easily.

Overview of SSM Health Care

SSM Health is a medical care system that is not-for-profit and catholic. It has more than 39000 employees and 11000+ providers on this healthcare system in four states, including Wisconsin, Oklahoma, and Missouri, Illinois United States. Laura Kaise has been the CEO of the organization since 2017, and it was founded in 1877 in the united states. SSM Health is a top-class and well-designed organization that works for healthcare.

ssm health website

Using their website, you can find a doctor, their hospital location, and book a schedule online for your disease or consultation with the top doctors.

Things about Avanta and Partnership With SSM

Avanta Solutions is a software agency that provides healthcare and employee management to large-scale organizations. Smart square is the solution Avanta offers to manage their employees and Staff online without hassle. It is a quite popular and smooth software working in the present market. As I mentioned, earlier Avanta’s smart square tool provides time management, employee scheduling, various dashboards, and predictive analysis.

As i said, SSM is also a healthcare facility, and they use this Smart square platform to manage their 39000+ employees and give them the best support from the organization. This tool allows SSM to handle things without little effort and save time on various activities. It also helps employees to get everything in one place, and they do not need to put any effort to know their schedule, vacations, and other stuffs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Smart Square?

Smart Square is a web-based application provided By Avanta Solution for staffing and scheduling and used mainly by healthcare professionals or organizations such as SSM and others to reduce the staffing burden.

Why SSM Smart square?

If you are an employee of the SSM Health organization, then to know your schedule, performance, time management, vacation details, you need to Login in this employee portal, and it is the only way to know those things.

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Who can use Smart Square?

This web application is only for all the employees of SSM Healthcare at all different levels.

How to reach Smart Square customer service?

If you have any trouble using your SSM Smart Square, you can reach their customer service number 1 (855) 700-6000.

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