Vidcloud Is Safe? 7 Similar Sites Like Vidcloud

VidCloud is a popular website for watching movies and series online at no cost. It certainly needs no introduction as the website is a popular place for binge-watching without spending a single penny for it. What’s better is that the users don’t need to skip from platform to platform for different movies and series. The broad range of movies and TV series with English subtitles from different paid OTT channels available for free at one place makes VidCloud worth the popularity. Vidcloud Working Site, Is It Safe? Check 7 Similar Sites Like Vidcloud gets useful information here.

Is VidCloud Website Working?

While the website is pretty popular, the fact that it keeps getting down and blocks from time to time is also no news. This took us to interrogate the reason behind the non-working website. So, while we were doing our research, we came across many domains named similarly. This is a common problem with most of the websites offering movies and series for free streaming and VidCloud download.

Websites like VidCloud illegally distribute the content online, which is a form of piracy. Piracy, as we know, is illegal as it directly violates the copyright law harming the interests of the creators. This is the reason why websites such as VidCloud regularly gets blocked. Basically, after receiving multiple complaints about the site, Google or other search engines unlists the website. It bars users of certain countries to access the website in that case. 

As a result, the use of a VPN becomes a requirement to access these websites. In the meantime, its non-existence amidst its popularity causes the emergence of new websites with similar domain names. While a few are from the VidCloud owners, not all of them belong to them. The mirror sites containing all Vidcloud movies are the real websites hosted by the same people but not all.

VidCloud icu- and are some of the original domains running on the website that despite working cannot be accessed straightaway. You will need to use a VPN to stream movies.

Now that we know all the essential information about VidCloud let us jump to its safety.

Is VidCloud Safe?

Loyal users of VidCloud would say of course it is, but that truly isn’t the reality. VidCloud distributes content illegally, there may not be any buying cost, but vidcloud icu is free as well. Its source of earning is what makes the website unsafe. Websites of this genre distributing pirated movies and series follow the same rules, which is why it isn’t challenging to understand which is legal and which is not. Sites Like Vidcloud here below you find all sites.

VidCloud earns money out ads and malware downloads. This is the reason behind the multiple redirects and the very famous VidCloud buffering. VidCloud buffering is a way to push more users towards VidCloud download. None of the links on the website would get you downloading the video in one click, but it will download something else, which by the way are malware. So along with going against the laws which clearly state distribution, promotion and even viewing Pirated content is a punishable offence, it is the malware distribution of the website that makes VidCloud unsafe.

So, what are the other available options?

Sites Like Vidcloud

7 Similar Sites Like VidCloud

Because you are not able to stream VidCloud movies, let us find you seven alternatives or slightly 7 similar sites like VidCloud that you can browse even when VidCloud is working.

1#) Movies123

Starting the list with one of the most famous names known to be the home to the free versions of all movies and series. Movies123 is considered one of the pioneering websites in the genre and thus boasts of a vast user base. But here are a few pros and cons that you must know before you find your new best friend for binge-watching.


  • Both the latest movies and series from across platforms are available.
  • You can easily stream online without having to load our computer for everything you want to watch.
  • The latest releases in both movies and series are quickly updated on the website.
  • Content division based on genres.
  • Free unlimited download along with streaming available
  • Movies and series on Movies123 are available with the Trailer and basic information just like cast, director, language, IMDB ratings.
  • Convenient user-interface


  • Illegal
  • Too many ads
  • Requirement of VPN
  • Not safe
  • Frequently changing domains
  • Buffering issues faced at times

If VPN has become your best friend and all you are looking for is excellent and free entertainment then visit Movies123 now.

2#) FMovies

Next in the list is another trendy name known for providing free movies and series for free downloads is FMovies. A look at its pros and cons will tell whether to choose it over VidCloud or not.


  • Not many category divisions- simplifies the confusion
  • 100% Free
  • Both movies and series can be streamed
  • The latest releases are uploaded within a week or two


  • Disturbing redirects
  • Buffering issues due to the various servers
  • Downloading movies or episodes is not possible on FMovies
  • Illegal and thus unsafe
  • VPN may be required

If you have liked VidCloud, then there is no reason not to like FMovies as well. Try now!

3#) ioMovies

As most similar websites like VidCloud are illegal, they all face related issues. It’s best to know a few names as alternatives to visit when the one you generally visit gets blocked by Search Engines and especially if you are not using a VPN. 


  • Free
  • Huge and updated collection
  • New releases updated


  • May get restricted
  • May require VPN
  • Illegal and unsafe
  • Varying video quality

Visit ioMovies to save yourself from starving entertainment.

4#) PopcornFlix

Although a similar website like VidCloud, Popcorn Flix is happy news to the freeloaders that comes with a condition. Find out the Pros and Cons to understand the platform in a better way.


  • 100% Free
  • An extensive collection of serials, documentaries, and movies
  • Multiple device compatibility
  • Convenient User Interface
  • Legal Website


  • New videos take time to get updated
  • PopcornFlix is not available in all countries.
  • Unlike other platforms, PopcornFlix only offers English content

If you are looking for a safer option that does not keep you at risk of breaking laws, visit PopcornFlix now.

5#) SolarMovie

Another legal option in the list of similar websites like VidCloud that you can use to satisfy your needs of entertainment without attracting malware to your devices.


  • Frequent updates
  • Both free and paid versions available
  • The free version has a vast collection
  • Location-specific content
  • Legal
  • No changing domains


  • Latest releases take time
  • Superior quality video (HD- quality) only for paid users

Check out the SolarMovies website and find out if this place could be your next favourite.

6#) YesMovies

Another direct competitor of VidCloud is Yes! Movies. It is like few options on the list are a perfect alternative to VidCloud icu.


  • Free
  • No registration
  • Mobile app available
  • Latest releases


  • Illegal & unsafe
  • Varied video quality
  • May require VPN

Visit the world of free movies with a visit to Yes!Movies for free.

7#) YouTube

If you are just an entertainment addict, then this platform safe and completely legal can’t be a disappointment.


  • Enormously large database of content
  • Free
  • Legal


  • Content crowding
  • Big banner movies not available for free

Hungry for entertainment? Find all sorts on this platform. Visit YouTube now.


To choose a legal and safe alternative or an illegal one is your option. But it is always recommended to keep your PC protected with trusted anti-virus when visiting unsafe websites similar to VidCloud. Here all the details of  7 Similar Sites Like Vidcloud use them and enjoy.

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