Looking for Sites Like 123movies? Here are The Best

Where would we be without the intervention of art? Where would we be without the mediums that help us live tension free? Where would we be without those movies, TV shows, novels, and other artistic creations? Lost, right?

This year, it has been said that the streaming industry will mark a new expanse of success as it will go above 500million users easily and all thanks to streaming sites, like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and some free streaming sites that supply the content to the users hailing from different regions, because the service has been accepted with warmth all over the world.

In this article, we will talk about one of the most influential sites with the highest reaching services, 123movies, thoroughly to show you what you have been missing out on.

A Chronological Overview Of 123movies:

Starting its journey in 2015, the 123Movies have been trending on the internet due to its fast serviceability, extended list of movies, and interface that makes operating the application very easy. Though the day of inception is still unknown to many of the users, the utility of the site has surpassed that of many other streaming sites on the internet.

What we know as 123movies, used to be known as something else. Through 2015, the names of the 123movies have changed multiplied times. Some of its popular names are Some of the most popular names were GoMovies with the URL of GoMovies.to and GoMovies.is, GoStream and the URL is GoStream.is, MeMovies and the URL is MeMovies.to, and 123MoviesHub of which the URL is 123movieshub.to and 123movieshub.is.

What we know as 123Movies has come a long way through multiple transitions. Though few of the clone sites lived on the internet for a short period, it has been found that the sites are now sealed making them tough to access. The main aspect of the invention is to provide the users with a sense of tweaked modification which increases the experience of the movie-watchers.

It is because of having a slacking thought process that made them include a variety of different types of modes of artistic maxims. Starting from anime to movies, from tv series to cartoons, this extension of choices not only provides the viewer with the freedom to select their medium of entertainment but also makes it pretty easy to stay updated with contemporary receptions. Still not sure about it? Let’s check out the…

Features of 123 Movies:

Have you ever wondered what makes one stream movies to intensity again and again? What we mean to say is that there are countless sites through which one can watch the movies any day, but why would one come back to that one site again? The answer is pretty simple. It is the features of the sites that give it the character that it deserves.

It is the characteristic of the sites that makes one come again and again as those are the elements that have the power to capture one’s attention. Similarly, the characteristics of the 123movies are what makes one come again and again. In this section, we will share with your the characteristics of the site so that you can gain knowledge of the extension of the application of the site to help you with functioning it properly


  • An enormous collection of movies, tv shows, and anime are featured on the site making it one of the most popular streaming sites on the internet. Though the shows found on the site are contemporary, the movies featured on it date back to the 50s.


  • The rich collection genres of movies and shows accentuated on the site provide the viewers with the option to select the movie they want to watch. Starting from psychological thriller to action, from romance to horror, no matter what you are looking for, you will find the shows, movies, and anime belonging to that genre easily.


  • The outlay of the application is pretty manageable. One can stream the movies by searching the names of the shows and the movies through the search bar. Apart from that, the categorization system of the application based on the genre furnishes the viewers with the option to go through a number of similar movies belonging to that classification of the genre so that they can select one movie later.


  • The site has recorded information about the movies and shows and the anime featured on the site so that the viewers can get a clear idea about the content. The synopsis can help one to make their mind on which series or movies they want to stream next. Not only that but additional information is also registered on the site making it the best on the internet.


  • Through the site, one will be able to watch the shows without an interception as the possibility of watching the movies on a high definition is presented.


  • One can always stream the movies online by going to the official website of the site, which is 123movies.to, or if one wishes to watch the movies in a place where the internet is not available, then the person has to download it. One can download the movies thoroughly by just clicking one button. It not only helps them to store the movies but makes the manipulation easy.


  • One does not need to register to use 123movies. All they have to do is make their way to the official website and start the streaming service. The content found on the sites can be watched without spending a penny. In other words, the sites and the content are free.


The full episode of the series and rare movies can be found on the 123movies. The application owes its popularity to the functionality and the systemization which updates the content daily.

Is 123movies Illegal?

The site has been on the internet for more than five years and due to some complications, many have pointed out that 123movies Reddit has gone down. However, the fact that the site has gone down has no connection whatsoever with the legality of the site. Most of the time, getting access to sites like this becomes tough.

Due to regional restrictions, in other words, the restriction imposed by different region stops unknown sites to be streamed. It not only stops the device from accessing the content but even the admission is a reed as the sigh of error will be put on the screen. The regional regulations exist to stop unnatural sites from getting permits to manipulate your data registered on the device.

It has been confirmed that those sites which have uncredited ads if downloaded, can authorize them to exploit the data so that it can be welded to one’s will. To cease the occasion from rising, these laws are imposed. But that does not make the site illegal. Due to the restrictions imposed by the regional legislation, one cannot gain entry into them. 123movies is one of those sites that got barred by the provincial law which begs the question…

Is It Safe Then?

Of course, the site is safe. 123Movies is one of the safest streaming sites that has been launched on the internet. The inclusion of the SSL system in the application renders its existence to be entirely safe and secured. The smart database of the application not only makes the operation of the application easy but the function of the site has been piqued due to the installation of such methods.

The reliability of the site, which has been instilled due to SSL, ensure the speed of the applications and services. It ensures that all the contents you get will be rapidly and protected. Like the original version, most of the mirror version of the application is lawfully maintained and safe to mechanize too.

How Did The Mirror Sites Come To Be?

Suppose you liked a particular genre of the movie, seeing the emancipation that it is gaining from the audience, some other director decides to make a movie based on a similar concept with a different plot and the cycle goes on. It is how the concept of popularity gives rise to a plethora of alternatives.

This is what a mirror site is. The mirror site is a reflection of the original site, in this case, the mirror sites of the original site 123movies is a reflection bearing the same resemblance with somewhat piqued or modified characteristics.

That is what makes the mirror sites mostly preferred in case one wants to get the feel of the original thing if the original version gets inaccessible. So if you cannot get admission to the original version of 123movies, then consider using the 123movies unblocked mirror sites with the bearing of similar featurettes.


  • net: As the name suggests, the site is free to use and has resembling features of the official site.
  • ga: The site has the extending movies featured on the official site and can be utilized similarly to the main version.
  • 123moviesfree.sc: Though the site is a bit modified, the feature is the same and safe.
  • 123movies la: The site is very safe and secure to use.
  • net: It is widely available and can be accessed while maintaining the safety of your device.
  • work: This particular mirror of the original version has an extended featurette of the original version featuring most of the content on the site.
  • best: This particular site is very easy to use and fully secure like the original version.
  • com: This mirror version of the application features almost all the characteristics and showcases the prevention of complicatedness.
  • unblockall.org: Though an old one, but it will give access to the content pretty easily.
  • men: This is a perfect replica of the official version of the site.
  • to: This particular mirror site is the best among the rest where you can get most of the features and content easily.


Take note that the mirror sites gets eradicated whenever they are exposed to the authority. So you might have to check a few of these sites to see which one exists and work. Currently, ww4.0123movie.net is working properly and is one of the contemporary and leading mirror site of 123movies. However, if you want to watch the movies and shows on the original version then you must take precautionary steps. All you have to do is…

Just Download The VPN:

Yes, you read it right. With the installation of the VPN, you will be removing all the barriers that lay between you and the application. No matter the issue, be it the barring of admission to the sites, or the number of ads that creates disruption, even if it is a doubt in your mind relating to safety concerns, with the VPN, you can get rid of the complications in a bit.

What the VPN does is mimics the location of some other place on your device and enables you to utilize the streaming site by eliminating the barrier. Follow the steps mentioned below to access the 123movies without any problems.


  • Download the VPN on the device on which you stream the shows, movies, and animes.
  • Now, you have to install it on the device.
  • Sign in using your official email ID.
  • Now you will have to open the VPN application and ensure that it is connected.
  • Now switch back to the site. You will see that you have gained admission into the site.
  • Stream or download the site depending on your desire.


But in case you don’t want to take chances with 123movies, here are…

Alternatives To 123movies Websites:

 If you find downloading the VPN application or looking for other mirror sites a hassle, then move onto these alternative sites with almost the same features and functions.


The Soap2day has topped the list because of the eclectic mix of featurettes. The huge number of the content found on the sites is exceptionally prominent.

So what makes it promising?

 One of the reasons why Soap2day is worth your time because of the extensive collection of movies, dating back to the 50s even, and shows on the site. All the movies and shows can be watched on the higher definition. For your convenience, the option of downloading the content is also possible.

There is no restriction imposed on the sites, so anyone from any corner of the world can gain entry into the site and stream the contents, belonging from multiple genres, like romance to thriller, action to the biopic, online as well as offline.

The beautiful interface which emphasizes the dark background is less stressful to the eyes. Similar sites to Soap2day are Fmovies, Hulu, PopcornFlix, Afdah, Vumoo, Myfixer, SolarMovies, etc.

Yify movies:

Yify movies or rather known as the Yify torrents are one of the most extensive hosts that have given access to a countless number of audiences.

So what makes it promising?

 The most promising features of the application are that finding the movies and shows, that is episode-wise, has become very easy. However, due to provincial laws imposed by many other regions, one may not get access to the site, in that case, you would have to download VPN.

One can search the movies on the search bar making it easier to pinpoint the movies and shows. Mostly popular for movies alone, one can find the movies of different genres, from romance to rom-com, from psychological thriller to horror, dating back to even the 30s easily.

The movies can be found in 720p as well as 1080p HD video, making it the best version of the site that is there on the internet. Some of the similar sites to this application are RABG, 1337x, Lime Torrents, Zooqle, The Pirate Bay, Kickass torrents, EZTV, Torrentz2, etc.


 If you are a person who prefers a minimalistic outlook, then YesMovies is the best alternative for you.

So what makes it promising?

 Apart from its minimalism, there is so much that it offers. Starting from a simple interface and a search bar upon opening the site, where you can search the name of the content to find it pinpointedly, it provides the option of streaming the shows, movies on high quality.

Starting from 720p to 1080p HD video, you can see every detail on the screen. The search facility is tweaked by the numeric and alphabetic searchability which is enhanced by the black background as it creates an effect that does hurt the eyes.

To find movies belonging from adventure to fiction, from thriller to semi-biopic, go to YesMovies and similar sites like Flixtor.ac, PutLocker, YoMovies.com,  BM.Movies, FilmRise, PrimeTime, StreamLoard.com, Kanopy, Yidio, etc.


 123Movies have garnered favoritism around the globe due to many reasons but the major factor that drew the viewers to their site because of the accessibility to watch free movies on the higher-definition online. However, due to certain provincial ordinance, admission to the site got restricted. But worry not, we have jotted down several alternatives and methods to keep your streaming session going on.

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