Sears Credit Card Login, Service & Payment 2022

Sears credit card login is used to access your credit card information, view card statements, and transaction details, pay at sears departmental stores, check about the rewards points, and various other stuff. The Citi bank provides Sears credit card officially to use the card in sears departmental stores and associated places. 

Sears is known for providing home and kitchen appliances at a competitive rate for their consumer. People regularly shop in these departmental stores to buy things; this credit card helps them earn rewards points on their sales and get various offers and discounts through this credit card. If you are also a frequent customer, you need to apply for the Sears credit card, and it will provide you with lots of benefits. 

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On the sears credit card login webpage, you can see various local ads by using the menu of the site, and then you can also locate your nearby store and check credit offers by clicking the “credit offers” button. In this article, I will share a safe way for sears credit card login, and then I will talk about the application and card registration process online. So, stay with me and check everything step by step:

How to do Sears credit card login

As I said earlier, you first need to apply on the following website:, and then you need to register the card at the search credit card login webpage. After that, you will get your login details to access your credit card account and check various stuff related to your card there. 

So, if you already have a card, check the below instructions to log in. 

1) Go visit the following page: sears credit card login page

2) Now, the Sears credit card login page will open, and you need to load the entire page in your browser. 

Note: For secure login, please remember that don’t access this page on the open network like public wifi, restaurant internet, or any place because your card details can expose in that case. So, please avoid public wifi and do not use the unknown device because that can also harm your credit card details. Please remember this note and try to use the login at your device on your own network. 

sears credit card login page

3) Enter your username and password into the same name fields and click on the sign-in button; you will get a one-time password at your registered mobile number or email id that you need to enter in the text field you will see on your screen. 

4) After that, you can access, pay, check your credit card balance and older transactions, and change your card setting using the various buttons and portals. 

If you overlook the username and password of your account, you can recover them using the following steps. 

1) To know your user id click on “Retrieve user-id” and enter your card number, name on card, security code, and last four digits of SSN and click on verify. You will get your ID, email, or mobile number via SMS. 

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2) To retrieve the password, click on the “Reset password” button on the login page, enter the same information that we fill for the user id, and click on verify. You will get a recovery email where you need to click and then create your new password. 

When you are done with all these retrieving processes, enter new details in the text fields and complete the sign-in. 

How to Apply and Register for Sears credit card

In case you are a new user and want to know how you can apply for the Sears credit card to get various benefits on your purchase at sears departmental store offline and online. 

To apply for a Sears credit card, please follow the given lines.

1) Go to the website: here.

2) Now, choose among these five options Shop Your Way Mastercard, Sears Card and SearsCharge PLUS, Sears Mastercard with ThankYou Rewards, Sears Mastercard, and Sears Home Improvement, and pick according to your requirement. 

3) Follow the instructions and fill in all your details like name, email address, phone number, and other things. After verification, you will get your sears credit card at home. 

When you recieve the card at your doorstep, you need to register it with the sears credit card login portal, so you can access all its services and check settings and transactions online. Follow the upcoming lines for the process:

1) First enter your credit card number in the text field here: Register for the Cears credit card here 

2)After that, fill in the basic details for verification and then set your username and password for future uses. 

sears credit card registration

3) When you finish this process, you will get your login details to access the dashboard of the sears credit card portal. 

Technical Support for Sears Credit Card

If you are having any trouble logging in and registering your card at the website, you can contact the technical support of sears credit card. They will help you will all the technical and financial aspects of your card. Just follow the below details here: 

If you have Shop Your Way Mastercard, then call here: 1-877-254-8073

In case you have Sears Card, Sears Mastercard, and Sears Mastercard® with ThankYou Rewards, then please use the following number for the call: 1-800-815-7701

Sears Home Improvement and SearsCharge PLUS cardholders can contact here: 1-800-669-8488

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Benefits of Sears Credit Card

Using this credit card at the Sears store, you can get various unique benefits. Check some interesting ones here:

1) Sears credit card offers a direct 5% off on a high ticket product, and it also allows a no-interest loan for your purchase.

2) Various cards provide various benefits if you want to remodel your home; then, using sears’ credit card, you can make all those changes to your house on the no-interest financing provided by the sears. 

3) you can also earn rewards points on your all purchase that you can redeem later and get a discount on your future orders. 

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