Scentsy Workstation Login For Scentsy Dashboard 2022

Scentsy workstation is a online portal to reach for the scentsy dashboard For various independent consultants that sells company products to different places. They can use this portal to login and access all their income …

Scentsy Workstation Login For Scentsy Dashboard

Scentsy workstation is a online portal to reach for the scentsy dashboard For various independent consultants that sells company products to different places. They can use this portal to login and access all their income reports, catalogue details and various other terms and condition of the company. 

Scentsy is a multinational corporation that sells home and personal fragrances. The company operates in 11 countries currently. The firm focuses on direct selling. The company’s aim is to produce products that are fashionable, trendy yet comfortable for the customers. The company also makes customized products for the customers that make the customers feel good and fresh.

The company sells a range of products but the most famous product of the company is scented wax bars. The speciality of the product is that it is heated in hand-crafted warmers. So, these are an amazing alternative to the traditional candles.

What is Scentsy Workstation

Apart from the Scentsy shop and website, the company sells its range of products through several independent consultants who are located across the home country as well as other countries. For these independent consultants, the company has made an employees’ pyramid method. The employees’ pyramid method consists of an online workstation where they can sell the products of the company.

Also, the employees’ pyramid method helps the company to hire new consultants along with experienced consultants. With the help of these employees’ pyramid methods, the sales consultants increase the sales of the company by following the tasks that are mentioned in the pyramid scheme and eventually they also increase their share in the sales earnings.

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The beneficial results of the employees’ pyramid method help the company to attract customers from all over the world. The main aim of the pyramid method is to provide a good and exciting fragrance to the customers that they can incorporate into their daily life.  

The consultant teams of Scentsy are expert in their work and help their customers to get the perfect products according to their needs. The consultant team also focuses on providing full support to their customers.

How Scentsy Workstation works

Scentsy workstation is a business tool that helps you to know the details of your orders. It is an efficient, important and helpful tool as you can place orders, check the status of their orders and make payments for their orders with the help of a scentsy work station.

After accessing the dashboard, it provides you with other facilities also. These facilities include setting up parties, promoting products and receiving online orders and also getting their detailed information.

You must have their login credentials for scentsy workstation and then all you need to do is open the website of this workstation and on the Scentsy dashboard, you will get all the details you want to know. The website also provides emails, downloadable resources for convenience.  

It is a workstation that is created exclusively for the sales consultants of the Scentsy Company. With a good internet connection, the sales consultants of the employees can work from anywhere in this world on this portal and can perform their duties. With the help of this workstation, the sales consultants can also view and access the company’s policies, guidelines and the various training policies held by the company.

How to do Scentsy Workstation Login 

There are a few requirements for the Scentsy workstation login. You should have a valid consultant ID and password to login into the workstation. You also need to have an updated web browser and good speed internet on your PC, laptop, mobile or tablet. With these things, you will not face any problem logging into the Scentsy workstation website.

scentsy workstation login page

To login into the Scentsy dashboard workstation, you need to open the official website of Scentsy workstation and on the home of the website; you need to fill in the valid login credentials. After filling in the login credentials you just need to click on the login button and you will have access to your Scentsy workstation dashboard.

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Procedure to reset the account password

If you want to reset the Scentsy account password, you just need to follow a few simple steps and you will be able to change the password easily. Firstly, you need to open the login web page of Scentsy. You will see an option of ‘Forgot my Password’ below the area where you fill in the login credentials.

After clicking the option of ‘Forgot my password’ you will see an option where you need to fill in the email address that is associated with your Scentsy account, also you need to remember that the email should be currently valid. After filling in the email address, you will click on ‘Continue’ and then you will get an email on the email address provided.

scentsy dashboard workstation forgot password page

The email will contain a link that will take you to a new web page. After clicking on that link, you will have to do some extra security steps. These security steps are for the verification of the user. There are various options to do the verification procedure. The users can select the option the verification option according to their convenience.

After completion of the verification procedure, on that web page, you will be able to enter the new password.  The password should contain approximately 6-15 characters. After you confirm the new password, you will get an email on the email address provided that your Scentsy account password is changed.

Scentsy Dashboard Helpline & Contact Info

If you are facing any problem using the Scentsy official website or logging into your account or accessing the Scentsy workstation dashboard, then you can contact them through their website, or you can email them at

You can also contact the customer care team of the company through their toll-free number. The toll-free number of the customer care team is [877]855-0617. You can also fax the Scentsy company for help. The fax number of the company is [208]888-4306.

Activating Scentsy Pay Portal Account

After logging in to your account, the next most important step is the activation of your Scentsy pay portal account. For activation of the account, you need to open the Scents Pay account screen and then enter the Scentsy account login credentials. After filling in the email address and the account password, you need to click on the activate option. After clicking on the activate option, your account will be activated.

scentsy pay portal login page

The pay portal is also created by Scentsy Company for the payroll management of their employees. The portal has amazing, unique and user-friendly features for its users. The users can use this portal on the web as well as on mobile.

The portal works on iOS as well as android devices also. The pay portal is of the convenience for the employees of the Scentsy Company as with the help of this portal the employees can view, monitor and download their salary sheets, payslips and online transaction details. The portal also provides the option to the employees to receive regular notifications and emails about their details.  

Because of the user-friendly features of the portal, it provides a better experience to the employees.

Functions of the Scentsy Dashboard Workstation

The Scentsy Online login portal provides several services to the sales consultants as the login portal provides regular updates and notifications of the news relation company to the sales consultants. They can also view the policies and strategies of the company for its employees.  The consultants can get full information about the different types of products that the company offers. With the help of this portal, the sales consultants can also place orders and they can also calculate the share they will receive after selling these products.

The portal provides full information about the sales earnings of the consultants and they can maintain their salary sheets also in the portal. The portal provides various options to the consultants for marketing the products as the consultants can arrange business meetings on this portal for marketing various products.

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For the growth and enhancement of the skills of their employees and sales consultants, this portal also provides the option of various training programs for the sales consultants where they can improve their skills and also learn new skills that are required for the growth of the company. The career, as well as the personal profile, is available on the official website of the company that can be updated as and when necessary.

Products Offered by Scentsy Company

The company provides a range of products that are useful for several purposes. The company sells warmers like mini, elemental that have warmer lids also. It also provides scented wax candles, scented diffusers and oils, pods and room sprays, air and fan purifiers. The customers can also get customized products from the company as per their requirements and choice.

The company also provides a range of several personal care products such as hand soaps, Scentsy soak, sugar screams body and face creams. It also provides accessories for cars such as cars bars, travel tins and fragrance flowers. The company has provided a range of play products for kids also such as scentsy buddy clips and bitty buddies.  

With the help of these sales consultants and the Scentsy workstation, the sales of the company have increased worldwide leading to the growth of the company.

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