10 Project Free TV Alternatives Sites Working In 2022

Project free tv is a film streaming channel or website to achieve your desired movies and shows. You can binge-watch the pleasantest shows produced by carriers like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, etc., for free employing this website. …

Project Free TV Alternatives or Sites like Projectfreetv

Project free tv is a film streaming channel or website to achieve your desired movies and shows. You can binge-watch the pleasantest shows produced by carriers like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, etc., for free employing this website. For example, you can search ‘project free tv rick and Morty’ on google; then, you can check out all streaming links related to the rick and Morty tv show.

Imagine how prodigious our life would be without a periodic dose of relaxation. So it’s tended to announce that movies and shows have enhanced a part of our personality. Furthermore, At the end of a tiring scorcher or week, we embrace to rest on the couch and turnabout on some exciting films or dramas.

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We glance ahead to those weekly film marathons or plays with our friends and family.

We know that nothing can befall adjacent to the prime online platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney+ Hotstar, HBO, etc. But what if I assure you that a site allows all your preferred content unconditionally accessible?.

What is Project free tv

Project free tv is a free films and serials streaming web application with boundless documentaries and TV programs. But due to adware concerns, you will notice many pop-ups while using the site that can be an interruption sometimes.

project free tv

Projectfreetv is likewise one of the divers sought websites for online movie-and-show streaming. Therefore, due to its reputation, this pirated site is evermore under the radar of getting banned. In fact, the elemental domain mysteriously disappeared from the internal for a while. Although soon after, there are magnetic mirror domains available to movie enthusiasts.

Here are some features of the website:

  • Updates tv scheduling information.
  • Offer the users with streaming links of servers and video players that host mass series or films.
  • Has the content in a wide range of genres.
  • User-friendly interface.

Project free tv New domain

Since the website is one of the most pristine of its variety, it is constantly subjected to removal. In fact, as per reports, it has been blocked in the UK, USA, CANADA. 

Therefore, This website is also kenned for its frequent domain change. It has duplicated domains, as you can see in the present extensions like projectfreetv.fun, projectfreetv.stream is working in 2021.

But the unfortunate part is that most of the domains addressed above are either unsafe or blocked completely. Even though it exists on the internet, the number of ads makes it a prime malware zone.

Is projectfreeTV legal and safe to browse?

To be honest, no website that streams pirated content is ‘legal.’ Though there are trustworthy websites or video sharing platforms that buy the rights from the studio and make them available for the masses.

Moreover, many domains discussed are replete with ads. Some of them can harm your device if accidentally clicked. That’s why it’s better to use VPN or AdBlock extensions to browse the website. Domains like .ag, .ch too, aren’t safe from the clutches of ads.

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Although, some Reddit users believe that there is a chance that the website might completely stop in the future. Because of that reason, movie enthusiasts are looking for sites like free tv.

Alternatives of Project Free TV

So, now that I am done with a general overview of this website and discussed pressing questions, let’s move on to a list of the best alternatives.

Alternative’s Names 

  1. Kshow123
  2. YoMovies
  3. Vumoo
  4. 123movies
  5. Popcornflix
  6. Fmovies
  7. Thewatchseries
  8. Cmovies
  9. Gogoanime
  10. SeeHd

1#) Kshow123 

Site: http://kshow123.net/

First on the list is Kshow123, a contemporary website that proposes sleek streaming of your beloved shows and movies. This website also has affluence of Korean content.


Kshow123 also begets an expressly colorful user interface. In fact, the contents are thoroughly classified to strive for a steady search for your craved content.

Most of the exhibits or movies have English subtitles. Moreover, it’s not regionally restricted.

Below are specific critical points of this website:

  • There are lots of Korean content.
  • Elegant user interface.
  • Genres are pigeonholed.
  • Unique search tab with filtration.
  • English subtitles available.

 2#) YoMovies

Site: https://yomovies.is/

Next up on the list is YoMovies that is indeed versatile for downloading and streaming your preferred content. Moreover, it has an extended range of multilingual movies, including Indian films.


 It is comparable to project free tv, where you can mark your desired films in both sub or dub versions. Also, Yomovies spreads these films completely free. Hence, no inadequacy to subscribe or compose an account to get started.

A few key highlights of this website are:

  • Multilingual content is available.
  • HD quality videos.
  • English dubbed content.

3#) Vumoo 

Site: http://vumoo.space/

Vumoo is another similar place like where you can view the freshest films and exhibits free online. But, like the former, it is also a webpage where you can attain a cumbersome directory of documentaries, tv serials, and animated films.


You can find almost everything on this comprehensive website using its search bar or home page titles. Moreover, all the videos are uniquely in high definition. Looking for RuPaul’s drag race season 9? You can unearth it here pronto.

There are settings available which let you permit subtitles while attending international films. Moreover, if you want to collect them later, there’s also a possibility to download them in noble essence.

Here are the chief points:

  • No need for a subscription.
  • Classic thumbnail-based user interface.
  • Fewer ads. Use an ad blocker for a pleasanter occurrence.
  • Compatible with all the browsers.
  • A diverse library of content.

4#) 123movies 

Site: https://123movies-to.org/

As the next alternative, there is 123movies. it is an online free film streaming platform that renders paid content of diverse media. You can comprehend a bunch of cartoons, tv programs, web series in HD status. This website is perceived for implementing a premium experience to the viewers. Moreover, the exploration filter proffers you with an expeditious way to discover the series you are resembling for.


Furthermore, users have reverenced this website for fewer buffering issues. So, you can inspect shows such as legends of tomorrow without drag. In the annex, you don’t necessitate to formulate an account to watch.

Here are the key spurs:

  • A wide range of films and series.
  • No need to download it for watching.
  • There’s no need to register.
  • The website is keen to renew recent content.

5#) Popcornflix 

Site: https://www.popcornflix.com/

Popcornflix is an ad-supported streaming website that releases numerous films and web episodes on its platform for free. However, a free trait is a uniquely legal and safe streaming service or an enrolled franchise that differs from it. 

You don’t require a monthly subscription to attend all your desired acts and screenplays. It is entirely discretionary. 


Circumscribe the content you aspire to watch seamlessly from the everlasting pool of libraries. Nevertheless, unfortunately, all the shows and documentaries are also pigeonholed for a more immeasurable user interface. Are you surveying a thriller? Or adventure? Popcornflix drenches them all.

Below are some of the critical foci:

  • Absolutely free. 
  • It is also convenient as an app.
  • Engaging user-interface.
  • View in HD
  • Varied genres

6#) Fmovies

Site: https://fmovies.xyz

This alternative record would have sojourned unfinished without specifying fmovies. It extends you a wide section of tv shams and shorts. It is the terminal hub for browsing your preferred content. 

Cannot discover stranger things anywhere? Just mark out Fmovies. You can also observe the good place and other Netflix shows here for free.


Another point to consider about fmovies is the uniform interface. Yes, ads can be a nuisance, but for that, you can perpetually download an Adblocker. All in all, this is an astonishing site to attend a variety of contents.

Here are the key features:

  • User-friendly interface.
  • You can get an adblocker for browsing.
  • Distribution of the shows based on their genre.

 7#) Thewatchseries

Site: https://www4.watchseries.ninja/

Are you scanning for websites that grant you HBO content for free? Then, you need to check out Thewatchseries. Stream for shows such as the walking dead, in case you have missed it. Or you can grab the game of thrones seasons on this website.


Thewatchseries has a salutary search engine to amuse your penuries. Just type the name of the show you crave to watch and experience.

The key features are here as follows:

  • Tons of HBO content.
  • Too many ads can ruin the experience. Download an adblocker.
  • Use a VPN for safe browsing.
  • It has too many domains.
  • Watch the shows and movies in comprehensive HD quality.

8#) Cmovies 

Site: https://cmovies.vip/

On the 8th row, I have Cmovies. This project free tv alternative is also a sweeping website to attend videos and series. In the desire do you oblige for high-grade comedy content? Watch girl and other classic web shows on cmovies for free. Or, if you are in the mood to watch America’s next top model, you will perceive it on the Cmovies site.


Here are the specialties:

  • Watch in HD quality. 
  • A medley of shows.
  • Shows are described. 
  • Find top IMDb-rated shows for free.

9#) Gogoanime

Site: https://www1.gogoanime.ai/

Gogoanime is the core streaming source for anime’s. If you seem for a dependable website that proposes you a wide section of anime, you should unmistakably check gogoanime. All the shows are refreshed promptly with new episodes. Moreover, it has admirable distributions of the genre.


Key features :

  • It is a dedicated anime site only.
  • A user-friendly user interface.

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 10#) SeeHD

Site: https://seehd.nl/

SeeHd is another equivalent substitute that sustains most of the hallmarks similar to projectfree tv with additional characteristics. You can gush your chosen content or download tv shows and movies without giving your credit card any pressure. You can either register for more exhibits, or you can browse as a free user as well. However, if you are an enrolled user, then you can obtain multiple contents freely.


Here are the features:

  • Stream your favorite shows and movies seamlessly.
  • Register for more benefits.

Frequently asked questions

Is project free tv entirely free for all?

Yes, project free tv is free. Though in some domains, you may have to create an account.

Is projectfreetv working right now?

It is ad-infested. Moreover, the domain is ever-shifting. So Project free tv is always under the radar of getting shut down. Also, if you click the ads on the website, there’s a chance that malware can harm your devices.

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