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Are you looking forward to upgrading your business policies? Do you require a consultant’s help and solutions? Well, you can look forward to contact with Prodeg American consultancy company. The company comes with a client-friendly essence and always assists its clients with top-class strategies and plans. We are here to let you know everything that should be your prior knowledge before taking the help of this company.

To begin with, this company provides clients with training solutions and management. Additionally, this consultancy company can present many fields and departments such as engineering, auditing, advice, etc. Let us share with you more information regarding it. So, without further ado, let’s just a drive-in.

Introducing Prodeg:

To let you know, Prodeg is a business consulting company that offers various help and solutions to its clients and other business firms. To add more information, it operates from the state of Curitiba (situated in Curitiba). The company is the provider of online consultancy services in a wide range for all problems related to management and training.

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Moreover, Prodigy consultancy company has the potentiality enough to find solutions and help the clients out with impressive strategies for business, and it also does training solutions.

The Purpose Of Prodeg:

To tell you the truth, every reputed company has its unique purpose, service, and value that helps them to reach its goals. Similarly, the same has happened with it. It is quite understood that the unique purpose and aim of this company has paved its way this long. Today, it is considered one of the best consultancy companies, and the main reason for that is its purpose.

To let you know, the main purpose of it is to offer business management and training solutions with utmost sincerity and to provide useful ideas to its clients. And this has made them reach their goal.

It being a Yankee company has its root in America. But, also, the purpose and service are the leading cause of their huge popularity throughout the world.

What Does Prodeg Provides:

After knowing a little bit about the company and its main goal, why do you not know it offers? As you already know, Prodeg has worldwide recognition; understandably, they will provide a wide range of services in the departments like engineering, auditing, advice, etc. Another thing that the company helps with its clients is by providing various training solutions.

Apart from all of these, it is known for its services in food and drinks in various and well-reputed corporations or business firms. Along with this, it offers telecommunication transportation and construction industries, and construction as well.

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Overview Of Prodeg:

Next, we would love to give you a summary or overview of the this consultancy company. . It is also called Prodeg LLC.

In addition, Prodeg is American market research, online consumer survey, and market research business consultancy firm. The headquarters of it is in El Segundo and California. Apart from that, it works for rewards programs of clients for many firms of America.

The Brand Name:

You must be wanted to know the brand names of Prodeg. Do wait a bit as we will share the brand names with you. And those brand names are:

  • Swagbucks My Points
  • Shop At Home
  • Inbox Dollars Coupon Cause
  • Y Sense and
  • U Promise.

Product History:

Do you want to know the history of the products? Have you wondered about the history of products? Well, need not worry as we will let you know the history of products now.

To start with, Prodeg consultancy company was established in 2005. And the headquarters of this consultancy company was in Torrance as well as California. To add more, the pioneer of this company was Josef Gorowitz.

The company has partnered with several big names, business firms, and search companies to develop an online platform. And back then, it’s main aim for raising funds is to help those people who are in need.

Apart from all of these, it also provides white-labeled internet browsers for shopping and surfing websites.

The First Customers Of Prodeg:

Do you want to know about the initial days or customers of it? this organization has started its journey by custom designing browsers for several brands and websites. In those initial days, their goal was to raise money from their followers and online activities.

And to tell you the truth, it’s first customers were the Green Bay Packers football team, and another one was the singer Kanye West.

From February 2008, Prodeg has started sponsoring and partnership under And the company works under Josef Gorowitz and Scott Dudelson.

More Activities:

Now, we have stepped on the stage where we will talk about more activities of this company.

In January  2013, the CEO of popular brands and companies named Shopzilla and Chuck Davis, CEO of Fandango, were appointed as the executive chairpersons of it by its founder Josef Gorowitz.

Additionally, in May 2014, the company declared that Technology Crossover Ventures (TCV) with the names of brands and invested $60 million into the this company. In 2014, TCV Venture partner Chuck Davis became a big name as the CEO of Pro deg.

Besides these, in July 2014, Prodeg has announced its acquisition with another online shopping brand The CEO of, Chris Dominguez, and the founder Jason Feffer joined the this company as an executive leadership team.

Further, rewards sites such as My Points from United online were bought by this company in April 2016. Subsequently, companies like Net Zero and Juno Online Services on the internet were merged online services that strengthened the  company.

Moreover, in August 2017, this company obtained the Greenwood Village Company, which became a huge success for Prodeg. In addition, Acquiring a cashback shopping system like Shop Atr Home, which has its base in Colorado, proved useful for the growth and spread of it.

Apart from all of these, from 2019 onwards, this company has started investing in big brands. In May 2019, it bought big brands like Cotterweb Enterprises. And it has also bought reward sites in the US, UK, and Canada of an operator based in Minnesota.

Local Services Of Prodeg Company:

Apart from all of these big names, It has also shown a keen interest in local services and has not limited itself to the big brands only. For example, in July 2019, partnering with local online service and dealing with Group on, this company has developed a local merchant rewarding system. To add more, it has also developed a card program for the customers and their clients by collaborating with local online services and Group on.

Some More Information:

  • This company has been in business for more than 30 years.
  • It is a big name associated with big brands and charity organizations.
  • The company offers online marketing services that work under several big names of big brands.
  • Prodeg can also get you access to My Points, Y Sense that is a rewarding site.
  • The company has based on equity.
  • Prodigy gives training so that the clients can manage the company, take calculative risks, and monitor their achievements.

Deal With Goods And Products Of Prodeg:

Coming to this stage, if we talk about the service and products of it, we must mention the year 2020 as it has proved to be an important year for the entire journey history of it. In 2020, this company launched several projects that earned huge recognition worldwide.

Additionally, the products of the company had 120 million customers over the world in 2019, and now they have more than 120 million users throughout the world. And certainly, this is big news for the company to grow more.

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February 2020:

In February 2020, Prodeg was a big brand and got worldwide recognition. Besides that, it was a big name in the online marketing system and polling.

U Promise:

U Promise brand was purchased in May by it. And U Promise is a well-known service provider for college savings plans. Additionally, the company works as a student loan company by the name of Sallie Mae.

Panel Consulting:

As we have come to the end of our blog, we would like to discuss a few words about the consultant company. And it is now looking forward to partnering with a large firm. Additionally, this organization has now joined with Isometric Solutions and Panel Consulting.

How To Reach TO Prodeg Company:

As the last part of our blog, we will tell you how you can reach them or know additional information about it. Well, one way you can take it is to visit websites related to it. Otherwise, you can go through Prodeg’s Facebook and LinkedIn profile to contact them.

If one wants to apply, the person has to have more than average skills and qualifications.

So, in a nutshell, these are everything you need to know about this consultant company. And if you need any help regarding your business management and training solutions, contact the Prodeg company.


This company is a brand and day by day it is reaching more countries of the world. And the coming days will be far spread, so do take help from the company to take management help for your business firm.

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