10 Myp2p Alternatives To Watch Sports Free

10 Myp2p Alternatives To Watch Sports Free

Myp2p is a sports streaming site that toils live sports matches for free. You can tour this site using myp2p.at and view games from solely around the world. Unfortunately,  EU and other variants are illegitimate and hazardous to stream. However, you can utilize bosscass, mamahd, sportslemon as the alternatives if the website is not striving.

Wouldn’t you aspire to procure admittance to a website that empowers you to view the plethora of content related to sports without fail? Wouldn’t you covet a platform that will attach you with live score updates and free sports streams without initiating any expense?

If you fancy all these things to befall, then it is time for you to exchange to this site. The application is one of the stablest streaming co-operations out there that is connecting sports enthusiasts with sports-related content for free.


Myp2p is a streaming platform that affords you the luxury to stay equated with the erudition associated with sports. Be it the aptitude to furnish you with active streaming events or never-seen-before footage;

Be it any news worth notifying the viewers or providing them with space where uncountable tournaments of varied types of sports can be detected. Here are some of the notifying traits that originate it worth our time.


  • The Interface of the application is laid in a candid behavior composing the operability accessible.
  • This website is free to utilize.
  • From cricket to soccer, volleyball to soccer, even the most superlative of games are embraced by the application.
  • You can alter the video resolution according to the internet connection.

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Mirror Myp2p Sites

Due to the notoriety and identification of the site, multiple mirror sites arose. Though these mirror sites insist on having the same content as basketball, you will discover some sharp variations. So while the application’s look may oblige to be substantially indistinguishable, you will be empowered to sort the original one. Some of the grand mirror sites are mentioned below.

  • http://myp2p.at/
  • http://myp2p.biz/
  • http://myp1p.eu/
  • http://myp2ptv.eu/
  • http://myp2px.eu/index.php?part=home

Best Myp2p Alternative Sites 

1) GoATdee

Site: http://goatd.me/

Goatee admitted as one of the supreme selections in the crank most utmost of the dilemmas stop working. But, nevertheless, this singular channel can be exerted as one of the most trustworthy websites that never goes downstairs.



  • You can quickly check out the content on this site without agonizing about severance from the server.
  • Though the list of sports granted by the site isn’t analogously that transcendent, the included choices are nonetheless the ablest ones. It embraced some major sports content, from Football to baseball, from Hockey to soccer, so you will stay modernized about significant sports.
  • The application comprises the range of the matches in a more eminent video resolution. From 780p to 1080p, you can easily contrive the property of the video.
  • 5he interface is straightforward to use. The titles are clattered, and one can quickly get their hands on the application.
  • While goatdee is provided to people in the USA, those who do not reside in that country can install a VPN application to operate the application.

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2) MamaHD

Site: https://www.mamahd.ws/

Mamahd has a plentiful amount of streaming benefits available on the site; the application will grant you many add-ons to enhance the viewers’ experience.



  • Mamahd is free to handle. Determining no subscription fees requires to be paid, no registration process has to be done away with.
  • It will equip you with an overabundance of content, springing from tournaments to events, from news covering the realm of sports to video highlights; you can watch live sports streams here for free.
  • You can quickly get to know which game is to be streamed live on the application with the scheduled system.
  • A variety of channels are ascertained on this website easily, starting from Football, to Hockey, from MotoGP to Soccer, Boxing, and Cricket; you will be able to grip yourself updated about almost everything.
  • A chat trait is available on this site that concedes users from around the globe to construct a sense of community where they can interact and engage positively.

 3) StreamComando

Site: www.streamcomando.com

Though Streamcommando is an ad-surrounded website, it is nothing that a little VPN cannot fix. Nonetheless, this site will propose you a surplus of possibilities to go through.


  • While it is subsidized by ads, multiple world-famous sports channels are operating under the umbrella of this site, making it easier for sports enthusiasts to be updated regarding the content.
  • Streamcommando connects the link of all desired channels to a centralized platform where the viewers can easily pick the title they want to watch. It helps them to manipulate the Interface and reduce the opportunities.
  • The Interface is extremely easy. From the exploration option to an easily laid navigation system, you will not have difficulty operating there.
  • Matches starting from ice hockey, Football, basketball to golf, and many more can be watched on this application without fail.
  • If you are a football and soccer enthusiast, this appropriate statement is for you.

 4) Feed2all

Site: http://myfeed2all.siteunblocked.info/

Based on the live channel of WizWig, the website is an ideal alternative to myp2p soccer. With many hallmarks similar to the relevance, here are some of the redeeming characteristics of the site.


  • Feed2all is being roped in with leading sports streaming and live channels offering websites together; the application renders the user with a plethora of options when it comes to seeing sports. Multiple sports channels are provided by the collaborated effort.
  • Rest assured that you will get uninterrupted streaming of the marks. As numerous decisions are roped in with the project, you will gain uninterrupted streaming services of sports events and activities throughout the day.
  • You can modify the video quality according to the internet connection.
  • The easily laid Interface will provide you with all the information you need about upcoming matches. On the homepage, schedules of the matches are mentioned for your ease.
  • The link of all the games is equipped for easy and lean utilization. By clicking on it, you can take advantage of the games.

 5) Sportlemon

Site: http://sportlemons.net/

One of the exemplary sites that have been hazarding on the Internet for quite some time. When it comes to likenesses, this site has more associations compared to others. 



  • This site is free to use. Meaning, no necessity to invest in any registration fees, no need to sign up to take advantage of the content.
  • From Football to cricket, from golf to WWE, the application covers almost all sports variations through its vast networks.
  • The application bears an uncanny resemblance with the Interface and the applicator homepage when it comes to similarities.
  • The categorization system of this myp2p initiates locating the games, tournaments, events, and other videos very quickly.
  • One can promptly analyze the video quality based on the internet connection they have. From 720p to 1080p, you can easily generalize the selection.

 6) RedStreamSport

Site: https://redstream.online/

Considered one of the ultimate options when it comes to operating myp2p alternative sites, you will get picks that will blow your mind.

redstream online


  • Redstreamsport assembles the links of the games and events from other sites.
  • You will be able to acquire the content, namely sports, events, tournaments, never-seen footage, and news regarding the variety of sports, for free in their respective channel.
  • You can picket live sports on this application.
  • This web-based service documents the streams submitted by the webmasters and the regular users of the site.

7) Bosscast.net

Site: https://bosscast.net/

One of the most sought-after live broadcasting sites, where you can elect to watch the match and series without losing track of it.


  • Bosscast will empower you to manipulate the content without indulging economically. Meaning, you do not need to invest a sum in utilizing the application. No signup, no registration fees.
  • It features more than 130 channels regarding the content. So you will never run out of content to watch for. All you are required to do so is turn to the application.
  • You will be given a chance to schedule what you want to manage accordingly. You can organize the whole plan maintaining decorum.
  • A plethora of sports can be observed here, starting from golf to baseball, from racing to soccer, from famous sports to underrated ones; you can keep track of the scores.


Site: https://www.fite.tv/

Who doesn’t prefer to stream an HD worth fight championship and eat some popcorn simultaneously? If you wish the same as me, go ahead and create an account on FITE TV today! Jokes aside, Fite TV will proffer you passage to pay-per-view episodes from sizeable much all of the noteworthy combat sports leagues (apart from UFC and WWE). 

flite tv

But Fite TV intends much more than that. With a convenient view of live PPV events, Fite TV extends a robust library of archived tournaments and events. The site provides a Plus subscription, for instance, boasts 3,000+ hours of archived footage accessible for on-demand streaming in the Impact Wrestling Library. The first streaming site on this list with a two-tier subscription facility, FITE TV allows the pleasantest fight matches at all times; that’s why it is a worthy Myp2p alternative.

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9) UFC Fight Pass

site: https://ufcfightpass.com/

UFC FIGHT PASS streaming site proffers access to the early Prelims from the giant UFC Pay-Per-View cards and over 200+ live events from promotions including Invicta FC, GLORY Kickboxing, QUINTET, Eddie Bravo Invitational, Polaris, and many others. 


The UFC Fight Pass is a decent source for hardcore UFC fans. You can admire thousands of historical content for a moderately small price. However, with Fight Pass, you can only stream Early Prelims. So if you are just a mere fan, UFC Fight Pass is not worth the money. 

In my experience, it’s a decent site with live games and uncountable updates on numerous fights, so giving it a shot first and deciding upon it would be the right decision for you.

 10) Showtime

site: https://www.sho.com/

Unlike any other sports streaming site, Showtime is entirely different and much similar to Hulu or Netflix. 

With immense popularity and great features, Showtime is a reliable source of numerous content listings. 

However, there is a minimal source of Sports content on this platform, and some live streams are accessible for you and me. 


So, if you are somewhere between a light enthusiast of sports and don’t care about the aesthetics and gaming library, Showtime will probably suit your taste. You can sign up for it promptly or through arbitrators like Roku, Android, or Amazon. The mobile experience of the site is pretty decent, too, similar to the myp2p website. However, in my opinion, it is pretty not an adequate site to watch hardcore sports. So, be careful!

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

What is Myp2p?

Myp2p is one of the live streaming services that provide the viewer with the chance to catch up on a myriad of sports content for free.

Is Myp2p illegal?

Yes. Due to the intrusion of the regional provision, one might not obtain it efficiently. This website hoards premium content for free that’s why it’s always in some ailment and can formulate some legal issues.

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Is it accessible?

Yes. It is available. If you are facing concerns while procuring passage to the site, download a VPN application to get around the barrier generated by the regional law.

Is it safe to use?

Without a VPN, it is not safe because many scripted ads on the website can add some application or extensions to your browser. You also need to aware that it is a pirated website. So, it can say that don’t use it without VPN if you want your system safe.


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