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Myascension or my.ascension is an employee login portal for the health workers of ascension healthcare company. To get their work schedules, management acknowledgment, HR notification and messages, and Information regarding salary, employees need to enter …

my ascension employee portal

Myascension or my.ascension is an employee login portal for the health workers of ascension healthcare company. To get their work schedules, management acknowledgment, HR notification and messages, and Information regarding salary, employees need to enter into the portal. To myascension login, you will require some details; I will share the complete guide to give you the whole process scenario and provide the parties regarding the functions. 

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In this article, I will also share the benefits of the portal to ascension healthcare workers and employees. We will also discuss the organization’s basic information and various other things. Stay with me till the end to know all the 

Steps to do myascension Employee Portal Login 

In this guide, the first thing I will focus on is the process of login into the portal and what things you need to do it. Here are the things you need to complete the login or sign-in process. 

1) Firstly, you need a working link to the login page of my ascension; for that, you need to open the following Url here:

2) Second thing is you need a User Id and password. Your User Id is equal to AMITA Health Network ID, and Your password would be your AMITA Health email password given to you when joining the Healthcare team. 

3) Now, you need a computer or mobile device with a working internet connection and chrome or any updated browser on your system.

Now, you collect all the necessary things; you need to follow the below instructions to complete the login process; check here.

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1) Open the Following Url on your browser: and press enter.
myascension login portal page

2) After that, You need to put your User Id and Password into the text fields and press the ” login” button to enter into this associate portal. 

3) If you log in from your device or out of the ascension network area, you must pass the 2-step authentication by filling a code received on your email or registered mobile number. 

If you forgot your password, you could follow the below steps to recover it. 

1) Open the following URL:

2) Now, click on the “forgotten password” button, and you will reach the page:
ascension forgot password page

3) After that, you need to enter the new password and confirm it after re-enter it again on the following text field, and you will be able to login to the myascensionhealth portal now. 

In case you are getting any error that you can not able to solve, then you can contact them by using the following details here: 

Contact Number: 314-733-8000

Address: 4600 Edmundson Road, St. Louis, MO 63134

or Visit Official Website:

Benefits of Myascension Associate Login portal 

There are various benefits for health staff and associates of an ascension healthcare company to use this employee portal online. I will share every aspect of it, so if you just joined the organization, you know what usage you can have on this portal.

1) First and foremost use of this portal is that it provides organized scheduling for the healthcare staff to help hospitals manage things in case of emergency and available time. 

2) You can easily access your tax forms, pay stubs, invoices, payment receipts, and W-2s anytime with a single click.

3) You can visit and access the development, research, and testing of Ascension Technology products and services.

4) Any ascension associate can access all organizational news, work performance reports, management acknowledgment, work guides, growth reports, and various dashboard features to help. 

5) You can apply for your leaves there and get the track of approval with the portal. 

6) Any employee can check their work schedules and timetables to help them manage their tasks. 

Overview of Ascension

Ascension is a private healthcare system working in the united states; it’s second-largest in the States and headquartered in St. Louis, Mo. It has 1.5lac + employees working in various fields to help people heal problems and other things. It was founded in 1999 as a not-profit catholic system to help people get healthcare support. 

You can find a doctor and access the patient portal to get your health report and various other stuff. It has 67+ acute cure hospitals all across the United States. To obtain information regarding its hospitals and get an appointment from a doctor, you can visit their website: Using their online website, you can find a hospital and a doctor for selection in your nearby area. Any patient can pay their bill by using the “pay bill” option on the online website. 

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How to Get Careers At the ascension 

If you want to start a career with ascension, you need to follow the instructions below. 

1) To start a job; first, you need to visit the ascension career page by using the following website:
start career at ascension healthcare

2) Now, scroll down the page and enter the job title you’re interested in, and then put your city zip code in the next section and press the “search” button. 

3) You can join ascension as a nursing, medical assistant, and other corporate jobs. To visit all the jobs with the section vise, you need to visit the page here:

4) Now, pick any job you want to apply for; you need to create an account on the ascension website to fill the application form. 

5) After that, wait for the Hr department of ascension health care; they will call for an interview if they like your resume and other stuff. 

The best part of joining ascension is that it is a nonprofit catholic hospital organization; you can help the patient by providing your services to them with joining the organization. 


I shared all the information about my ascension portal, how you can log in and recover your password there. I also gave you a basic introduction of this healthcare organization and the benefits of their employee or associate portal that you can use or access on the online website. If you have any questions and any other problems regarding this topic, please share your questions in the comment, and I will try to reply as soon as possible for me. Thanks for reading.

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