12 Best Losmovies Alternatives Working in 2022

Movies and tv shows are becoming an integral part of our entertainment after the pandemic; we can not go outdoors as much as we want. So, you and I need something to entertain ourselves. I …

Best Losmovies Alternatives

Movies and tv shows are becoming an integral part of our entertainment after the pandemic; we can not go outdoors as much as we want. So, you and I need something to entertain ourselves. I love to watch shows on Netflix, Hulu, and many other sources in my free time. You are also reading this article to know a movie streaming source, “losmovies”. However, you hear it about from some friend or see it somewhere on the internet. 

I recently researched losmovies, what it is, how it works, and what we can do if it is not working. So, I will try to resolve all queries and questions around this website and suggest the best choices you can use. 

Losmovies Overview

Losmovies is a movie streaming website like putlocker, rainierland that collects movies from legal sources and serves them for free. It contains streaming links for each title and provides you on their website. When you want to watch any movie or series, you need to click on the title, and it will forward to a page where different kinds of streaming links from other servers are available that you can pick according to your need. 


According to archieve.org, losmovies.com was started in 2012, and it shut down in 2018 entirely by the legal action of MPCC (Motion picture production code). It is blocked due to the various copyright strikes and legal acts. However, In the present, https://losmovies.app/ is a working URL you can visit, a clone of the original website. This clone is also developed by the same people who designed the original website, so functionalities are precisely the same as the original Los movies website. 

The Losmovies website has a filter where you can select movies for a particular actor/director, if you are a die-hard fan of somebody. On this site, you will get the latest movies or new releases in HD quality. If you are not a native English speaker, you will find subtitles in various languages for most of the titles on this website. If you are an iPhone/iPad user, you can see different streaming links for your device faster and easier to access. 

Is losmovies legal and safe

In the last section, I talked about losmovies and how it works, but many people ask that if it is a free site, is it legal and safe to stream?; because most free movies sites are free pirated, and illegal. 

Yes, it is an illegal and unsafe source for movie streaming because it copied content from other sources without their permission. However, when you use it, many auto-click scripts on the site can also harm your device. So, if you have a concern regarding device security, then avoid losmovies. 

Best Losmovies alternatives

1#) Fixtor

Fixtor is the first choice that can replace losmovies in the absence. It contains a vast and powerful database with full-length movies in genres like horror, thriller, comedy, crime, and many others. Fixtor works on the same model as losmovies in the perspective of subscription and streaming charges. 


However, there is a high frequency of updation of new titles on this website that can fill up your everyday need for visual entertainment. You can also pick fixtor due to its defined or organized catalog of films, shows, and web series recently released on the internet. 


  1. Fixtor serves everything for free without any registration process.
  2. Provide newly released movies as soon as possible. 
  3. fewer ads as compared to other accessible sources


  1. Not a safe and legal provider similar to losmovies.
  2. Some auto-click scripts can irritate you on the mobile device. 

2#) Movies123

Movies123 is a replica of streaming giant 123movies that you may visit in the past. On the home page, you will see a search bar like “google” search to find the titles that you are looking for. When you search for any title, director name, actor, or producer in the search bar, movies123 provides the streaming links related to that content. You can visit that film or web series directly without any charges and account on the site. 


If you are not used to this process, you can directly visit all the catalogs by visiting the home page section on the website, where movies123collects all the recently released, most popular, and trending titles to the visitors. 


  1. You can find any series and flicks from any particular director, actor, and niches.
  2. Straight forward user interface with a reliable database of films. 
  3. You can watch most of the series, soap operas, and TV content on movies123.


  1. little confusion about the Home page for the new user.
  2. Annoying ads and scripts that run automatically. 
  3. Not appropriately supportive on the mobile device. 

3#) freeform

Freeform is quite similar to Netflix in functionality and service configuration. However, it keeps a massive database with exclusive shows and thrilling films that you can only find through this platform. It is a part of the Walt Disney company chain of channels and streaming services like Disney junior, Hotstar, and many others. Freeform also has a live Tv option on their platform with some Kid’s Tv shows and animations. 


You can watch its content on almost all the devices, and you can use it through the local Tv provider in your area (if you are from the USA). 


  1. Freeform supports almost all streaming devices such as Xbox, play station, and others.
  2.  You can binge-watch some thrilling and exclusive shows that you can not find in other places.


  1. It does not have a collection of latest release movies and web series like losmovies.
  2. You need to pay for its services, and content is pretty limited on this source.

4#) Gomoviefree

As the name suggests, gomoviesfree is a free movie streaming website on the internet that keeps most of the films, tv shows, and web series titles with the working streaming links for their visitors. It covers genres such as fantasy, war, thriller, Mystery, adventure, western, and comedy. 


You can pick any genre from the list and watch all the exciting content around that category to enjoy your time. Gomoviesfree also has the Top IMDB-rated movies list that you can access with a single click. However, you can also check upcoming movies, series, and trailers on this gomoviesfree website. 


  1. Gomoviesfree is pretty similar to los movies in functionality, so it is a like-to-like replacement for you. 
  2. It keeps an A-Z list of web series and dramas available online with subtitles and other properties. 


  1. Gomoviesfree is also an unsafe streaming partner that you can avoid. 

5#) Bmovies

Bmovies is another free film streaming website that so many film enthusiasts use. This site is used in countries like the UK, West Germany, Mexico, and the united states. However, Bmovies also adds subtitles for K-dramas and Japanese animation for English users. This free movie site gives you services in genres such as action, adventure, biography, animation, and many others to a different audience. 


When you visit the website, you will see a search bar on most of the pages, and it allows you to watch movies free online. Bmovies also includes a filter to sort out content based on the year of release of that movie or series. 


  1. It has content in 25+ genres to fill up your entertainment cravings. 
  2. You can see the latest releases there in HD quality.


  1. Bmovies has some irritating ads, and Homepage options are a little bit confusing.

6#) Ymovies

YifyTv was a movie torrent site that worked in the past to serve quality content in top-notch form. However, due to copyright fragments and legal enforcement on the Yifytv website, it was closed down and is not currently available on the internet. However, Ymovies is a mirror, or you can say proxy of that website that represents the same flicks and web series files on their platform. 


Ymovies tag line is “Yify is a simple way where you will watch your favorite movies,” and that represents the whole story in a single line. Everything on this website is available with direct buttons, or new content is published on the home page for simplicity. 


  1. There are 3-4 choices in the menu to directly move forward towards your final goal of any title or genre. 
  2. Everything is free, and it is also hosted by the owner of 123movies, gomovies, and many other websites. 


  1. You can use it for only fresh or recently released flicks and series; there is not much old content on Ymovies. 

7#) Bflix

Bflix is another hidden gem in the list of free movie streaming sites that I want to add to this list as an alternative to losmovies. I recently visited some movie and web series platforms where people are voting and talking about new free movie streaming platforms; I read the name Bflix there and checked everything about it to understand its working. 


When you want something recently released web series, kdrama, English movies, and tv shows, you can see most of the files on the home page of bflix, where you can reach by clicking the home button from the menu. When you will see this website, you will feel it is pretty close to losmovies.


  1. Almost all niches, titles, directors, genres are covered on this website. 
  2. Most of the content on Bflix has HD quality and has multiple resources for a single source for streaming.


  1. Some newly released movies will be available in TS or Dvdscr print that can degrade your experience. 

8#) M4ufree

M4ufree is a competitor to the Los movies website that you will see from the structure and formatting of content on the site. You can change the mode of the website from dark to light, according to your requirement on your system. This m4ufree website serves lots of filters such as genre, year, language, release date, and many others. You need to pick the filter, and it will help you with all titles related to your requirement. 


On the m4ufree website, any user direct jumps to the new movies, new tv series, anime, and some other sections through the home page functions. 


  1. You can see almost all the titles for free and without any registration.
  2. Updating the rate of new and fresh content on the home page is pretty quick.


  1. Sometimes users can confuse the home page and main page. 
  2. M4ufree is a pirated site, so there is always risk about legality and safety from the source. 

9#) Putlocker

Putlocker is an upgraded version of the website putlockers that many people use to stream free movies, web shows, and many others. When you visit the website’s home page, you will see a search bar like the “Google” home page. You need to put the title, director name, production name, or you can put any particular genre there, and it will serve you with the list of movies, shows, and series related to that keyword. 


Putlocker is an old player known for its vast libraries that serve content in categories such as suspense, sports, motivation, thriller, and many other untouched gems. 


  1. You can find any flicks or drama by just putting a single keyword related to that title in putlocker’s search bar. 
  2. Updating rate of recently released content is quite remarkable.


  1. Putlocker is a pirated movie site, so that it can harm your system with auto clickable javascript ads. 

10#) Yts

Yts is a torrent movie website, or I can say a tool where you can download any fresh released film and series without any cost. This functionality of YTS is pretty similar to losmovies, making it a participant in this list of alternatives. Basically, this YTS website is known with the name of YIFY TV in the past, identical to Ymovies that we talked about in this article. 


The YTS website’s quality of download files is the central plus point; you can download high-quality files with smaller sizes through the YTS torrent. 


  1. You can download almost everything in most languages and niches on the YTS website through the torrent system.
  2. You can find new movies in HD quality on this source.


  1. It is mainly used to serve the downloadable file to the users, so it is not an option to stream through the YTS website.  

11#) Popcornflix

When we talk about movie streaming sources, popcornflix is a must-have contender in that list to help users and creators through their platform. It is a free ad-supported platform where creators can put their unpublished content to watch those movies and series. Popcornflix is a quite popular free movie streaming source where you can watch some classic and cult standard cinema. 


The main factor about this website is its legality; compared to other accessible streaming sources, it is entirely safe and legal for everyone to use. 


  1. On the Popcornflix website, you can watch anything without any worry of down, safety issues. 
  2. Some content on the Popcornflix website is totally exclusive to the website that you can not see anywhere. 


  1. It is only limited to unpublished content; you can not see newly released or other released content on this website. 

12#) Vudu

Vudu is a paid streaming source like Netflix, prime video, but its content quality is a competitor to the losmovies website. You can watch all warner bros-related content on this website; basically, it looks like a video store where you can buy any file you like to watch. However, there are some shows, movies, and streams that you can watch for free by clicking the “Free” button in the menu. 


Vudu also has a large section of kids’ movies and series that can entertain any child. However, you can touch on some classical biographical films and web series through this platform. 


  1. All files are in HD on Vudu; you can demand and order some unique content on this platform.
  2. Classic shows like Blacklist, Oak islands are available on this website. 


  1. Vudu is a paid streaming source, where content is limited in some sense.  

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