12 Letmewatchthis Alternatives That Working In 2022

In this time of a pandemic, most of the countries are progressing through lockdowns and numerous other restrictions; people need something to release their stress and loneliness, and movie streaming websites are becoming the reviver. …

letmewatchthis alternatives

In this time of a pandemic, most of the countries are progressing through lockdowns and numerous other restrictions; people need something to release their stress and loneliness, and movie streaming websites are becoming the reviver.

However, I know you are interested in free movie websites that serve fresh, classic, and top-release movies and web series. In this article, I will talk about a free website letmewatchthis that you may have used in the past or want to pass through in the future.

If some of you accessed it in the past but cannot access it now, I will also share top-notch alternatives to resolve this issue. However, in the last section, I will also answer some frequently asked questions about this website to help you understand everything. So, first, I start with the overview, then move towards secret and top-notch alternatives.

Letmewatchthis Overview

Primewire is a mature player amidst numerous movie websites; however, some years ago, it parted away into 1channel, primewire, and letmewatchthis due to some issues. As a result, division arises due to increased traffic on the leading site; however, some folks say that it also happens because various countries ISP blocked letmewatchthis.

However, in the last 2-3 years, letmewatchthis and 1channel websites domains are entirely wiped out from the internet. So at present, You can see this website in the subdomain form of pw.unblockit.uno. As you can see, this website serves all premium content from original creators on their website without any legal agreement.


In the past, this activity puts Let me watch this website in the eyes of Motion pictures association USA or MPAA that issued an order to internet ISP’s to put this website on the red list (Where internet service provider blocked the site in the USA).

According to my research, this website allows shows and movies in categories such as action, family, food, adventure, horror, comedy, and many other desired niches. In addition, on Letmewatchthis, you can use filters such as trending, external ratings, premiere date, and many others.

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If I talk about the User interface and design, I will rate it around seven out of ten, a medium range. You can use it on any tablet, Xbox, firestick, Mobile, and many others. In my suggestion, use any VPN or proxy system before using the Letmewatchthis website because it can create various legal and safety concerns for you if you use it directly without any security.

Best Letmewatchthis alternatives

I will try to represent some unique and relative alternatives that will help you in the downtime of this source; however, one of the division primewire is working for various locations, so you can directly try it for the exact match experience. In addition, I recently updated these letmewatchthis like sites in august 2021 to make them more relevant to the users.

1#) Plex

Site: https://www.plex.tv/

Plex Tv is a legal and premium streaming alternative to Let me watch this, competing in library Size of movies with the leading site. However, you need to pay 4.99$ monthly subscription fees to access films and series on the platform. In addition, you will also get the service of live Tv that means you can stream more than 130+ channels live in the sports, entertainment, and news section within the cost.


You can use the on-demand movies section on plex to buy any new release movies by paying small fees. It sustains films and shows from studios such as Warner Brothers, Lionsgate, Crackle, and MGM. On plex, you can use all entertainment resources on your media devices such as Roku, Chromecast, Nvidia, Xbox, and many others.

2#) Filmzie

Site: https://filmzie.com/

Filmzie is a free resource where movie lovers can find their destination. In addition, it is a platform for publishers who are not able to publish their work. Filmzie allows them to show the top content to the audience. It earns from the ads, so there are no subscription fees. You just need to follow a signup process to watch some unseen movies and shows.


You can access Filmzie on amazon fire tv, android tv, Samsung smart tv. However, android and IOS apps are available for all devices. If I talk about the representation of the website, then I give it nine out of ten. Although FIlmzie has a drawback compared to the letmewatchthis, you can not stream recently released movies and web series there.

3#) Starz

Site: https://www.starz.com/us/en/

Starz is known for its original and exclusive content; you will find some series and movies that are not available on any other resource. In addition, you can view shows such as outlander, American gods, and many others that are known worldwide. However, there is a fee of 8.99$ monthly that you need to pay to access everything on Starz.


For new users, Starz allows a free trial for a limited period that you can use in starting to stream this website for free for some time. However, it’s app is only available for android, ios and Chromecast devices, but you can use the website on many more devices like PlayStations, Xbox and others. Although after subscription, you can download and stream unlimited files on your device to watch them later.

4#) Fmovies

SIte: https://fmovies.co/

If someone asks me an exact match alternative of letmewatchthis with all combined functionalities, then the fmovies website is my answer. Fmovies is a pirated film and series streaming website where everything is available for free with a single click. This website keeps filmy content from more than 36+ countries, making it the most prominent and widespread library.


Fmovies includes genres such as politics, western, war, soap, and many others that make them unique compared to other sources. For any user to access this website, they just need to open the fmovies.app URL in the browser and click on any title; you do not find any signup or subscription process. However, due to copyright issues numerous times, this website does not work correctly.

5#) la123movies

Site: https://la123movies.com/

According to various search reports, 123movies is the most searched free movie and tv shows streaming website on the internet. La123movies is a working mirror of 123movies that you can use to stream films and dramas. This website keeps a colossal search engine interface where you can put your title, actor name, studio name, and many other things to find results according to your need. However, on the home screen, you find will fresh or newly released web series and flicks that you can access with a single click.


If I compare the library size with other alternatives, then it will always come on the top. On la123movies, you can stream movies in thriller, comedy, adventure, horror, action, in many other sections. According to my research plus point for la123movies is the updating rate of new content means you will find something new on this site on a daily basis.

6#) Filmdoo

Site: https://www.filmdoo.com/

According to the guardian magazine, Filmdoo is called “one of the more perceptive based modish streaming services on the block.” This website content is more diverse and unique and focuses on independent and world cinema. You can rent out shows and shows from 125 different countries, and new movies are added to the filmdoo every week. However, if you do not want to rent out any title or do not want to pay for anything, you can use the free movies library on this website.


Filmdoo covers genres such as arthouse, black cinema, coming age, crime, documentary, euro cinema, etc. In my opinion, this website is a must for people who are more enthusiastic about cinema and art. If you are a director or creator, you can also submit your film or short drama here to publish.

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7#) Himovies

SIte: https://www5.himovies.to/

Himovies is another similar site like letmewatchthis that you can consider for free movie streaming. However, it matches most of the functionality with the la123movies website. You will see a search bar there that you can use to reach your favored title and episode. Himovies keeps content from all around the globe in 35+ languages from 50+ countries. That’s a pretty diverse and unique library for movie lovers.


Himovies also has an android app that you can use for your mobile device. You can also filter all these site databases by their IMDB rating to achieve a widespread and top-notch title in the cinematic experience.

8#) Netflix

Site: https://netflix.com

If anyone asks which of the following alternative produce more web series on their own, then Netflix is a straightforward answer. Netflix is a premium and most popular web series and movie streaming source in the world right now. As you will see, letmewatchthis also has several files from Netflix that will tell you the site’s popularity. To access it, you need to take a subscription plan for streaming that starts at 8.99$ per month.


I am also a regular user of Netflix and have an advanced 4 screen premium account that I use on my android Tv and other devices. For me, the best part about Netflix is that it launches new shows and movies every weekend that you can see in 4K or UHD experience. Popular Shows like money heists and stranger things created by Netflix that explain their production quality of content.

9#) Tvshow88

SIte: https://tvshows88.com/

Tvshow88 looks similar to Himovies, although it also keeps all the functionality of letmewatchthis website. It is also a pirated streaming website where you need a VPN to access the content. However, you do not need any subscription plan and no need for registration to access the video files. There is always something new in recommended sections for any users to watch; it can be any newly released web series or movies from the theater.


Tvshows88 is dedicated to shows and keeps films, documentaries, anime, and new short films. Their database has files or titles from 45+ countries in 25+ segments, making it a never-ending prospect for series fans. You will find a request button in the footer section to ask for any title you do not reach on tvshow88.

10#) Putlockernew

SIte: https://putlockernew.site/

Putlockernew is a mirror version of the original website putlocker, or I can say it is a putlockers new site. Putlockernew is also similar to the 123movies in content diversity and quantity. Identical to the tvshow88, there is no requirement for registration and subscription for any user; however, if you want to track down your activity, you can use their register/login button. On Putlockernew, you can sort movies and shows based on the year of release.


Its database sustains almost all the films and web series released in the last five years. Moreover, Putlockernew keeps a high content update or adding rate to attract more and more consumers for a more extended period.

11#) Tvduck

Site: https://www.tvduck.com/

If in the past you visited, let me watch the site on your device; in that case, when you open Tvduck now, you will not be able to differentiate them. It is because Tvduck looks like a mirror or proxy website to primewire and 1chanel. However, it is only dedicated to tv shows, and you will find fewer films. If you are just searching for an absolute film streaming alternative, then you can leave this one.


Tvduck covers all popular shows like friends, big bang theory, breaking bad, the game of thrones, and many others. In my opinion, it has the cleanest and easy-to-use design and interfaces that anyone can try.

12#) Rainierland

Site: https://rainierland.to/

Rainierland is a renamed version of old movie streaming giant rainiertamayo. You can use its desktop app on Windows and MAC that is a rare opportunity with free streaming websites. However, any user can watch cartoons, anime, web series, short films, documentaries, and stuff on this site. The updates section is helpful for the people that daily hover over this website and need something to stream in their free time.

It includes video files that were released between 1990 to 2021. However, it also supports 20+ languages and provides streaming with dubbed or subtitle form.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is letmewatchthis new name?

At the present time, this site is known with the name pw.unblockit.ch or primewire.li that you can find on the internet.

What happened to letmewatchthis

It is permanently removed from the internet by MPAA; you can not access the original URL. However, some mirrors existed on the internet.

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