15 Kissanime Alternatives That Working in 2022

Anime or known as Japanese animation is an accurate combination of thoughtful work and digitalization. The cartoon is a favorite part of our childhood, and we love it when it comes to animation. With every …

kissanime alternatives

Anime or known as Japanese animation is an accurate combination of thoughtful work and digitalization. The cartoon is a favorite part of our childhood, and we love it when it comes to animation.

With every Anime show or series, the plot and the quality get more congenial and more pleasant. Kissanime is one of the largest used and famous sites to watch Anime content for desktop and mobile devices.

But what happens when you get plenty to watch with fewer sources? Unfortunately, this conclusion is using a single platform that goes down due to massive use, and we can’t enjoy it as we anticipated.

What Is Kissanime

Kissanime was an anime-focused streaming website that hosted links & embedded videos. In addition, it allows users to browse or download movies and TV shows for free.

It has been majorly a sister site to a relevant manga viewing website, KissManga. It was depicted as one of the world’s most extensive streaming anime.

According to archieve.org, kissanime.com came into the picture in 2013. However, it is a pirated website that can not sustain its future due to the law and terms of the MPCC (motion picture production code). At present, you have not been able to visit the original version of this source; however, it is available with some new domain extensions such as .ws, .ru, and many others. 

The different country’s ISP blocks the main website due to copyrighted content on this website. 


To marginalize the penalty on kiss anime, its creators. Made lots of proxies and clones of the original site that are working in 2021. You can visit them just by searching for kiss Anime, and you will find all the working domains, subdomains of this site. 

Copyright holders later shut down the Kissanime.ru domain. This happened as the site is presently inactive and doesn’t manage to be coming back.

Best Kissanime Alternatives

The following top alternatives will give you an incredible visual experience. Thus, here are the best Alternatives Sites working in 2021.













Anime Sim

Anime Karma


1#) AnimeFreak

 Site: https://animefreak.site/

The first alternative to it is AnimeFreak. It is pretty identical when it comes to the newly released shows or organizing everything into classifications. 


In addition, AnimeFreak allows you to browse through numerous filters that dwindle your search. Finally, all you’re required to do is “Register” on the platform, and you can then watch the Anime series.

Besides, AnimeFreak allows you to watch shows even if you haven’t registered on the website previously. 

Once you start watching on the platform, there is also a selection to attend the series to avoid missing out on any episodes.

2#) Crunchyroll

 Site: https://www.crunchyroll.com/

Many anime fans will be familiar with Crunchyroll, one of the world’s top streaming websites. Quality and language are the only elements that matter while watching visual content, and Crunchyroll has triumphed over both of them.


The platform supports 720p for you to have a well-viewed experience. In addition, it benefits from English dubbed and subtitled ingrain episodes that reduce the language barriers while watching the series. Unlike AnimeFreak, Crunchyroll mandates registering on the website before exploring it thoroughly.

 3#) Anime-Planet

 Site: https://www.anime-planet.com/

A bit unusual with extra features, the Anime-Planet makes a list perfect. The website has a natural user interface and quick sectors to give you what you require in no time. You can develop your list of series to be watched and start surging once you are set to watch it.


While the content is enough, everyone wishes to filter out it to disclose everything in a single place, and the users get it here. A delightful addition to the website is a survey platform for each show that you watch or stream. So anything you are viewing, share your reviews. Thus, they can improve.

 4#) AnimeLab

 Site: https://www.animelab.com/

The enlisting of the websites in this post will have the most salutary websites, and trust me; they are more excellent than the others with new expansions. The legal platform is a pack of different categories with varied genres. AnimeLab is a type of library that has everything.


Unlike the other alternatives, AnimeLab provides you with a bit of data about the show you will watch. Just click on the thumbnail, and there it is with information on whether it’s been dubbed or has subtitles. I think it is constructive. The simple features allow you to sign up and begin using one of the best anime sites like the main site.

 Synonymous with almost all the devices, AnimeLab is loitering for you here.

 5#) 9Anime

 Site: https://9anime.me/

9anime is one of the websites that allow you to stream Anime content in HD and English. Breaking the language barrier is something that has gained fans of Anime all over the world. With susceptible filters to narrow down your search, 9Anime is performing great with the last updated, newest ones. And you can moreover customize the filters.


Go ahead and search for the title of the series. If you know the name, or else check the mentioned FastMenu alternatives and begin watching.

Interestingly, 9Anime moreover has a switch that will offer the dark mode and vice versa. Thus, you can scan for the series on an A-to-Z rationale, which will add a new string to your list.

 6#) AnimeFrenzy

 Site: https://animefrenzy.org/

The sixth website, AnimeFrenzy, has an abundance of Anime content that gets updated every day. It also has the latest shows to be viewed. One of the most intriguing things about AnimeFrenzy is that the website similarly has American shows on the list, which attracts you to use it more often.


Likewise, animeflix has FastMenu selections that sort out content for you according to your preference. And if you aren’t convinced what to watch, click on the random button and begin watching whatever is in front of you. Every time you click on Random, it will offer you a new series or show. It’s cool.

7#) Netflix

 SIte: https://www.netflix.com

I don’t believe any of us have ever heard of it before, as it is a big puddle of content that similarly has an Anime series section. So if you cherish watching anything & everything about films or shows or web series, Netflix is the platform of choice for them.

The limit to watch on Netflix is infinite, and every time you refresh the page, there is a recent video to be streamed. Nothing is sufficient with Netflix, and we love it. All you require to do is check out the proposals, opt for one, and begin streaming.


At the outset, you can also discontinue the subscription any time before the renewal date and get your reimbursement. Then, explore the sea of pictorial content with worldwide fans, Netflix here.

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 8#) GoGoAnime

 Site: https://gogoanime2.org/

I was loitering for this addition to come into the list as it bestows you the option to rewrite the resolution of the video, whatever you want. An Anime site like Kiss Anime, GoGoAnime delivers you the latest series and movies to be attended for free.


The title of the website couldn’t be more fitting with the services it delivers. GoGoAnime has a fraction where all the functional Anime content has been categorized alphabetically to better your ordeal. This platform allows you to download videos for the future as well. It’s very steady if you use the internet for an entire period.

 9#) Masterani

 Site: https://masteranime.es/

An easy yet practical platform filled with Anime movies and series, Masterani does stand out in the crew. However, this alternative has been manufactured for the audience of the other regions.


Masterani has better Anime content for you to watch, and you have the entry to watch any of it from anywhere in the world. Similar to other websites, you can filter out the films or series by wielding different filters.

 10#) Chia-Anime

 Site: https://chia-anime.su/

A bit delayed, but the list wouldn’t be accurate without the addition of Chia-Anime. An Anime site like KissAnime, Chia-Anime is available to the world, which means the events are dubbed in the English language. A bit of the hook is that you will share a few ads between loading a video, but that’s okay. Just pursue the outcome.


Nonetheless, if you are a die-hard fan of Anime, the platform has been built for you. Therefore, you can wield this alternative and begin sorting out the shows you prefer according to the various filters given. Besides, you also can download videos to watch later!

 11#) A2zAnime

 Site: https://a2zanime.wordpress.com/

Occasionally, all you need is the title, and it communicates for itself. A2zAnime is one of those  alternatives that doesn’t need an intro for Anime lovers. You can watch the videos with the resolution you prefer, from as low as 360p to as high as 1080p.

This ad-free and subscription-free website doesn’t disturb you with anything more. All you need to do is, click on the show you wish to watch with the video resolution, and you are set to undergo a great experience. One of the USPs of this website is it permits you to share the videos on different platforms.

 12#) AnimeLand

 Site: https://animeland.fr/

Like the mentioned ones, AnimeLand similarly doesn’t need any intro as it’s trendy among Anime fans. One of the closest alternatives is that it allows you to download & watch the content without even enrolling.


AnimeLand carries the shows, series, and films dubbed in English, enabling us to understand the story better with spectacular graphics. Moreover, this website is a free-to-use website like KissAnime that prepares it as one of the best ones on the list. So check out and start exploring the different sectors of AnimeLand. 

13#) AnimeSim

 Site: https://animesim.com

To be honest, with every extension, the list is getting better & better with numerous options. For example, another Anime site like KissAnime permits you to stream Anime shows and films for free. Similar to the additions, Animesim also permits you to download videos according to the resolution you believe fits you.

Like the homepage of the Kiss Anime alternative, anime kiss provides you a list of the latest content that you will love to watch. Leaving the language obstacles aside, this website also has English-language titled videos you can stream voluntarily. Thus, start flowing Anime Sim and analyze the shows with better sound & quality.

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 14#) AnimeKarma

 Site: https://animekarma.com/

Without a doubt, other websites like KissAnime, AnimeKarma offer you a hell of a lot of videos you can stream on your PC or mobile devices. Commencing from the top-rated to the latest telecasted Anime content is on the website for the spectators to watch.


Sorting out from genres to the furlough year, this website efficiently filters out your dearest shows. With a proper combination of American cartoons to the Anime world, you can watch anything here without compelling any effort. All you need is a pail of your favorite snacks, and you are all set to relish to the utmost.

 15#) Animedao

 Site: https://animedao.nl/

The last one to go, Animedao, is another platform that offers you the Anime content to shell out some quality time with. The assortment of all the attained and currently telecasted shows and films can be found here with excellent resolution.


Animedao is a pond of Anime videos or films that is quite a delight to all the fans worldwide. Furthermore, you can request any movie or series that isn’t on the website and you nevertheless want to watch.

As for kissanime down, the site, in my experience, is excellent; however, it has been shut down and lacks many other qualities.

So, with more than hundreds of websites around the world, the mentioned websites are the best combo of free-to-use, credible, best quality, and have the best video resolution.

Would you please go through all of them to pick the best KissAnime alternative that suits your necessities? Then, if you have a different opinion about the other options, go ahead and share your opinion.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kissanime legal?

No, it’s not.

Is Kissanime dedicated to Anime only?

Yes, it only shows anime stuff.

Is it the best site?

No. there are plenty of others.

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