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Joinpd is a connection portal provided by the pear deck to join a presentation in progress online. By using it, you can join a presentation by using or entering a code at and connecting … - Peardeck login To Join A Presentation

Joinpd is a connection portal provided by the pear deck to join a presentation in progress online. By using it, you can join a presentation by using or entering a code at and connecting to the presentation that your teachers or classmates are presenting right now. There is a text field on the portal to put your code and connect to your computer or mobile without other login and access steps. 

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In this article, I will talk about the basic things about and pear deck. After that, I will also share the complete login process or steps for this portal that you can use.  

What is Join Pear Deck or Joinpd

Joinpd is the short form to the phrase Join pear deck, and it is a platform where you can join a live presentation by putting a verification code into the or website. It is a portal dedicated to students and teachers to understand and learn new things to access various presentations. 

peardeck portal page

Suppose I talk about the essential functionality step. In that case, a teacher can create a presentation using a peer deck portal, and all the students can join that in real-time by just visiting the web page and putting the verification code there. It is a fast and reliable way to enter any presentation online using real-time verification technology. 

Registration for a Pear Deck (PD) Account

For any teacher, if you want to create any kind of presentation and allow your students to join it, you require a pear deck account, and for that, you need to follow the upcoming steps. 

1) Visit the pear deck official website using the URL:

2) Now, click on the “Teacher login” button, and you can pick from two options one is “Login with Google” or “Login with Microsoft.” You need a Gmail id or outlook mail id to create the account to register the account. 

joinpd or peardeck login and registration page

3) Click on any option and select your Gmail or Microsoft account according to your preference. Now you reach a page with the title “Let’s Set Up Your Account” and select “teacher” as your preferred option. 

4) Now, you need to authorize the permission of google drive or one drive according to your choices. To use, upload, and save your files or their servers and allow the pear deck access to that. 

5) Enter your Pincode and school details, and you are done with the registration on the pear deck. 

6) You can create any lesson using your account and share the presentation. It is powered by google sheets or Microsoft PowerPoint to provide all the tools related to the presentation. 

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How to do Joinpd login or Join a presentation

To join this pear deck portal, you need to have a join code; here are the steps or methods that you can use to get your five-character code to join the presentation. 

1) To get a join code, teachers prefer Student-paced activity; the Dashboard Vista opens. You can commune on the Join Code in the topmost right corner of the mesh to convey Join Instructions anytime.

2) or you can open the website page on your device browser. Now go to the right corner of your screen and you will see a code there. 

3) Copy that 5 character code and enter it into the page and join the presentation that is presented by your teacher. 

4) according to usage The code expired after 4 days, you can use the same presentation for that period.

Now you know how to get the code, we will move forward towards the process to join the presentation. check the following steps here: 

1) You teacher can create a presentation and import it into peardeck to join for the students. Your teacher shares your link to the presentation and the code that you can use to join the presentation. However, your teacher can block you or add you its on them to approve your addition into the portal. 

2) In joinpd you can not edit the presentation only the teacher can do that, however, you can ask questions and solutions for your issues using the portal. 

Join Peardeck or Joinpd Class Login for students

As I said earlier, your teacher will send you the join link and code for the joinpd and you need to put it into the portal to access the presentation presented by your teacher. 

The join pear deck add-on for Google and Microsoft Account is manageable to access on Google Slides and Microsoft excel. So, now I am going to give you the way that you can use to access these google and Ms excel sheets of presentation. 

How to Join Peardeck

  • Go to the official site here.
  • Complete the login by putting your code that was given by the school or teacher to access the presentation.
  • Now, you can access the presentation presented by your teacher on Google sheet or PowerPoint. 
  • If you are a teacher then you need to login into your account using your Google or Microsoft email that you registered with. 

How to Present a Pear Deck Presentation 

When you induce with Pear Deck, schoolings for binding appear on the projector panorama automatically. To join the manifestation, students can follow these steps:

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  1. Go to the website
  2. Sign in with your Google or Outlook account. 
  3. Enter the unique 5 letter code displayed.
  4. if you are a teacher then you can use your account to sign in and then present the session by clicking on “create a session.”


As you know that it helped you a lot to learn lots of things, you got your presentations and classes by using a single click on the app.peardeck website, and in my opinion, it’s the fastest and secure way for any teacher to put a presentation to the students. I showed you about Join PD that you can use as a teacher or a student. In case, you are missing something in the creation of the presentation and setting up things on the app deck portal let me know, I will add that into the article and share your updated methods. Thanks for reading.

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