Is eVault Safe from Data Disaster?

Today, every organization is working towards achieving modern data protection, security, and support strategies. The business world, especially the financial services sector, is full of predators who steal valuable information for their gain. Besides, data leakage can be caused by the loss of backup media or storage devices.

As a government rule, every organization must keep most of its information for a couple of years. This would make it easy to access these documents in case they need to check employee records or do an audit. Consequently, business organizations have become prime prey for would-be thieves looking for easy money. Their primary target is companies with large amounts of easily accessible information. As such, every business organization should go the extra mile of enhancing its data security to safeguard confidential information in a storage facility. Common types of details that business stores include:

  • Employee details
  • Banks, credit card details, and transactions
  • customer details
  • Business partners
  • research and data collection reports
  • loyalty schemes
  • shareholders

There are various ways through which an enterprise can protect valuable and confidential information, including:

  • Tape backups
  • Data replication
  • Data mirroring
  • Electronic vaulting (eVaulting)

Electronic vaulting is a reliable and cost-efficient data backup option for critical organization data. It eliminates the potential risk of backing up sensitive data internally. With eVault, business organizations can easily encrypt and transmit valuable data to off-site electronic data vaults. In case of a disaster or unplanned restore, your data will be promptly deployed to your business in a couple of hours.

If you are a business owner, the following are some of the reasons why eVault is not only a necessity but an overly integral component of your business.

eVault is a Reliable and Efficient Option

Tape based and other traditional backup servers can be quite cumbersome and time-consuming. Thankfully, eVaulting provides a quicker, more reliable, and highly efficient data storage and recovery solution without sacrificing security. Electronic vaulting is easier, more secure, convenient, and highly affordable than the old traditional systems.

Tape-based back-ups mostly contain encrypted data and do not guarantee password protection. This is probably why tape security breaches have been on the rise over the past few years. For this reason, e-vault is rapidly gaining traction with numerous business organizations for system availability, dependability, and security.

eVault Helps You Protect Your Customer Information

Proper data protection strategies go a long way in safeguarding client information privacy. If your business is yet to set up the necessary checks and balances in protecting client data, things can quickly go sideways. A violation of data protection policies can have devastating consequences on your brand reputation. In worst-case scenarios, your business will be prosecuted and subjected to harsh punishment. Suffice to say, even simple customer details such as customer name and contact can easily put you and your client at significant risk.

With an offsite, well-designed media storage and security service, your customers can be confident that their data is respected and well secured. As a business owner, properly and well-installed electronic vaulting guarantees you the ultimate client data protection and quick access.

Helps you Protect Employee Information

Employees are an essential part of any successful company. As a business owner, your employees trust you with personal and confidential information, you should keep completely safe. Some of this information includes your employees:

  • Address
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Social security number
  • Marital status
  • Past employment
  • Bank account numbers

If such information lands in the wrong hands, fraudsters can use it for identity theft, which can ruin your employees’ life in numerous dimensions. With eVault, you and your team can rest assured that all critical information is safe and secure.

What are the eVault Operation Requirements?

Once you have signed up for an eVault online program, the next step is to download and install the software into your computer or server. Typically, the default service provider will install three primary software elements that work simultaneously. They include the central control software, the agent software, and the director software.

You will then have to choose a thirty-two-character encryption key that codes all your files. Then create a backup set and select which files need to be backed up and how long the backups will run. Finally, the e-vaulting vendor compresses the file and encrypts it with a 256-bit encryption key.

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