How To Use A Cartography Table In Minecraft?

A cartography table Minecraft is a well-known table used by a cartographer, a person known to create and study maps. The table is officially the working ground of cartographers and thus is used for various map-related activities.

Unlike most other essential items in the popular video game, the Minecraft cartography table can be found and collected from the ground.

It can either be dug out or can be found at a Cartographer’s house. But while we find out ways to obtain it, let us learn it. How To Use A Cartography Table In Minecraft here complete guide.

Cartography Table- Supporting Devices
Platform Support Version Location
Education Edition Yes 1.12.0 Items
Windows 10 Edition Yes 1.11.0 – 1.14.0 Items
Java Edition (PC/Mac) Yes 1.14 – 1.16 Decoration Blocks
Pocket Edition (PE) Yes 1.11.0 – 1.14.0 Items
Nintendo Switch Yes 1.11.0 – 1.14.0 Items
Wii U No N/A N/A
PS3 No N/A N/A
PS4 Yes 1.91




Xbox 360 No N/A N/A
Xbox One Yes 1.11.0 – 1.14.0 Items

How To Find A Cartography Table 

There are three ways to find a cartographer’s table in Minecraft.

Ways To Find A Cartography Table
Method Place
Obtain Mining- with hand or an ax
Natural Cartographer’s House
Crafting Crafting Table with Minecraft cartography table recipe

Minecraft Cartography Table Recipe

In case you are unable to find the cartography table Minecraft, you can easily create it with the Minecraft cartography table recipe. 

Materials Required For Minecraft Cartography Table Recipe
Requirement Quantity
Paper 2
Wood 4

Once you have all the materials required in your inventory then open your Crafting Table with a 3X3 grid. Now take the four planks of wood and place them on the first and second box of the second and third row. Now place the two papers in the two empty boxes above the wood.

The arrangement should be such that the third column or the first column from the right remains empty. Because the pattern is very important in the crafting process, here is an example of the pattern that one needs to follow for making a Minecraft Cartography Table.

Paper Paper
Wood Wood
Wood Wood

Following this pattern creates a cartography table in the right box of the crafting table. You need to collect the Minecraft cartography table to use it for different purposes.

How To Use a Cartography Table in Minecraft

Now that we have a cartography table, let us jump to how to use it section. But, before that let us enlist the purposes a Minecraft cartography table can be used for.

Purposes For Which A Cartography Table Is Used
Zoom in or increase the size of a map
Creating duplicates of a map
Secure a map with a Lock

For Increasing Map Size Try Following Recipe

The materials required to increase the size of a map include one piece of paper, the map and of course a cartography table.

Open the Cartography Table. Select the table from the hot bar then use the pointer to select the block where you would like to place it in Minecraft. Click on it to view the table front. You will find two boxes. On the first box, which is at the top, place the map that needs to be enlarged.

In the second slot below it, put a paper. As soon as you put these two in a cartography table Minecraft, you will find an enlarged map in the right box. Tap and collect the enlarged map to your inventory to use it later.

When you open the enlarged Map, you will notice that the map is incomplete. The reason is that the player needs to move around the world exploring and adding pieces to the map to complete it.

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To Create Duplicates of A Map Follow the Recepie

The materials required for the recipe for creating map duplicates in Minecraft are two maps and the cartography table. While one of the two maps should be the original map that needs to get a duplicate version. The second map can be an empty one. 

Let us pull out the Minecraft cartography table from the hot bar at the desired location by using the pointer to select the block. On the first box located at the top, keep the map the must get duplicated. In the box below, add the empty map. The right box will instantly create two similar maps. Collect them to store them in your inventory.

How To Use Cartography Table Minecraft To Lock A Map

The list of materials required to lock a map in Minecraft includes a Map and a glass pane along with the obvious cartography table.

Recipe To Lock A map Using The Cartography Table

Select the cartography table from the hot bar first and then hit the pointer to the place where you would like to open the cartography table. Once the cartography table is opened, place the map that needs to get locked in the top box of the table. Now add the glass pane below the map to create a locked map.

You will get to notice how a lock sign appears instantly on the bigger box on your right. The sign indicates that no further information can be added to the map. Make sure to move the locked map to your inventory corner. Now no matter where you travel, exploring or travelling around the world will no longer add information to the map.

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While using a Minecraft cartography table can be fun to use for the different purposes mentioned above. It is important to check whether the cartography table is even supported and available to the version of the game you are playing on your device. Once sure, you can either find out a table or craft it. Here we provide all the information related:- to it.

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