How To Make Scaffolding In Minecraft

Minecraft Scaffolding is a structure that is used for going to a height and moving down safely bypassing fall damage. A technique, essential for Minecraft players to know for better playing, which is why Minecraft …

How to Make Scaffolding In Minecraft

Minecraft Scaffolding is a structure that is used for going to a height and moving down safely bypassing fall damage. A technique, essential for Minecraft players to know for better playing, which is why Minecraft scaffolding recipe is considered no less than a grandmother’s secret recipe. 

This game is simply the most popular video game of all time. Released in 2011 by Mojang, Minecraft was bought by Microsoft in 2014. Along with selling over 180 million copies, it has been critically acclaimed and has received several awards.

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The sandbox video game is based on a pixelated world where the players discover raw materials and build structures and tools out of them. Sometimes to fight off robotic enemies. So to help players to proceed in the game in a better way, here is an article on how to make scaffolding Minecraft recipe! 

How To Make Scaffolding In Minecraft, to answer it you should know about various tools and another supporting factor.

Minecraft Scaffolding Recipe (Supported Version)

Before learning to make scaffolding in Minecraft, it is essential first to know whether Scaffolding is even available on your device. Here are the versions of Minecraft scaffolding is available on.

PlatformSupportedVersionMinecraft Scaffolding Location
Education EditionYes1.9.0Construction
Windows 10Yes1.8.0Construction
Java Edition (PC/Mac)Yes1.14Decoration Blocks
Pocket Edition (PE)Yes1.8.0Construction
Nintendo SwitchYes1.8.0Construction
PS4Yes1.83Building Blocks/ Construction
Xbox 360NoN/AN/A
Xbox OneYes1.8.0Construction


All of the platforms that support Minecraft scaffolding are together, also known as the Bedrock Edition.

Materials Required To Make Scaffolding In Minecraft

Minecraft Scaffolding Recipe

Scaffolding Minecraft is a structure that needs to be created by combining various other tools and materials. This is why the Minecraft scaffolding recipe is required for the formation to be created for further progress in the game. Following are the documents as are necessary for the Minecraft scaffolding recipe:

Materials Required






How to Make Scaffolding In Minecraft

Now that we know all the materials required for the Scaffolding Minecraft Recipe, it is best to move on to making the Scaffolding using the recipe. There are a few simple steps that need to be followed to make the Scaffolding for Minecraft, and thankfully the steps are the same for all the devices Minecraft is supported and played on.

Step 1- Crafting Menu

You need first to open a crafting menu to begin crafting anything. So is the case with Scaffolding. It starts with opening a crafting grid of 3X3 boxes early.

Step 2- Adding Items for Scaffolding

In the crafting area, the next step is to add items and materials that we have already mentioned above are required for Scaffolding Minecraft. But not only the details are necessary but are needed to place in a particular pattern to result in Scaffolding Minecraft. Using the materials in a different form does no help to the player; thus, the formation is of extreme importance. 

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The first and third column is required to be filled with the six bamboos we had listed required for the Minecraft scaffolding Recipe. While the second box or the middlebox of the first row is where the string needs to be placed for scaffolding Minecraft. For a better understanding, a graphical representation of the formation with ease has been shown below for the gamers to follow the steps quickly and make and use Scaffolding in simple steps.










Thus the scaffolding Minecraft recipe is- Bamboo in the first and third boxes of the first row and string in the second box of the first row. In the second row, the first and the third box will be filled with bamboo, and the final row too will have bamboo in the first and the third box.

Once the correct pattern falls into place or is instead designed, then the box in the right of the crafting grid will have a Scaffolding.

Step 3- Adding Scaffolding to the Minecraft inventory

Collect the Scaffolding from shifting it to the Minecraft inventory. The Scaffolding stored in the list can be used later when required.

Along with the recipe, the structure of the menu ID remains the same across the various platforms Minecraft scaffolding is supported on.

Usage of Minecraft Scaffolding

Minecraft Scaffolding can be placed on top of each other to make a high ladder. And just how easy it is to create, destroying it can be done in simple moves as well. Destroying the bottom box breaks the entire scaffolding structure making things simple for temporary structures in the game. The placement of Scaffolding is a little complicated than usual. Adding to the block on top of a Minecraft, Scaffolding adds another scaffolding to its side and pressing on the front adds to the top.

Minecraft scaffolding does not collide and instead keeps adding to one another from all directions. This feature of Scaffolding allows gamers to quickly jump to a higher state or lower state or sneaking to the sideways without any damage. Scaffolding can easily be moved by pistons that easily breaks the structure. Scaffolding placed next to or inside lava or even fire destroys the Scaffolding immediately and should not be done so.

Only in the Java Edition of Minecraft, that can be played on a PC or Mac, can Scaffolding be placed inside lava or fire but burns after some time there as well. Minecraft Scaffolding can also be used as a fuel, liquifying two items per block in the Java Edition played on PC and six items in each block in the Bedrock Edition. To Make Scaffolding In Minecraft here we give you all the things you should know.

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While the scaffolding Minecraft recipe is easy to make and we might have learned its usages as well in the Minecraft game, one of the key features behind making the Scaffolding in the game is the materials that are required for the recipe. Without the materials, the Scaffolding is simply a dream.

Here above we provide all suitable information about To Make Scaffolding In Minecraft.  As we know that the two requirements for Scaffolding are necessary, it is equally important to learn where the contents are available and can be gathered from to make the structure. While the Bamboos for the Scaffolding structure need to be collected from the jungle, the string can be availed by killing a spider or destroying a cobweb.

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