How To Make Paper In Minecraft

It was finding out the recipe for how to make paper in Minecraft. The massive popularity of the video game Minecraft is due to the relevance a player finds with real life in the game. It might be just a survival game, but it is close to being authentic, and that is one quality that sets the game apart from the other games in the same genre. Paper, for instance, is one of the many essential things in our day to day life but finds a lot of use. The same is the case with paper in the Minecraft game as well. 

However, it is not readily available in the game for an easy and direct collection like it is available in shops in real life. Instead, a player has to learn how to make paper in Minecraft to craft an essay which in turn comes in use while crafting other necessary items in the game. So, here we give you all the details you need to know about how to make a paper in Minecraft and craft an essay easy and quick.
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To Make Paper In Minecraft Platform Requirements

Before getting to the recipe for making paper in the game, there is another crucial step that needs to be taken before it. It is to find out whether or not the paper is available on the version of the game you are playing and on your device. Check the table below to confirm before finding out How to make toilet paper in Minecraft.

How To Make Paper In Minecraft- Supporting Devices
Platform Support Version Location
Education Edition Yes 0.14.2 – 1.0.18

1.0.21 – 1.12.0



Windows 10 Edition Yes 0.14.1 – 1.1.3

1.2 – 1.14.0



Java Edition (PC/Mac) Yes 1.8 – 1.16 Miscellaneous
Pocket Edition (PE) Yes 0.14.1 – 1.1.3

1.2 – 1.14.0



Nintendo Switch Yes 1.04 – 1.11

1.5.0 – 1.14.0



Wii U Yes Patch 3 – Patch 38 Miscellaneous
PS3 Yes 1.26 – 1.76 Miscellaneous
PS4 Yes 1.26 – 1.91




Xbox 360 Yes TU35 – TU69 Miscellaneous
Xbox One Yes CU23 – CU43

1.2.5 – 1.14.0



Paper, unlike many items in Minefield, is available in all versions across devices. Thus, the recipe is valid for everyone playing the game using any text. 

But apart from the compatibility requirements, the other most crucial element for crafting an item is the materials required for the same. In the case of paper, a player needs to have a minimum of three sugar canes to make one paper. It means that the raw material required to make a paper is sugarcane and one needs to collect it from the game to use it later for the production of paper.

How To Make Paper In Minecraft- Raw Materials
  Materials Required Quantity
Sugarcane 3

  After collecting enough raw materials needed for the production of paper, the next step is straightforward. All one needs to do is follow the steps of how to make paper in Minecraft PC to craft an essay given below. 

How To Make Paper In Minecraft guide

How To Make Paper In Minecraft {Process}

Before beginning the description of how to make paper in Minecraft PE, it is essential for you as a player to know that a crafting table would be required for making a paper. Move ahead to the next step if you already have a crafting table, but if not, then you need to create one. 

If you think that a crafting table is the same as the essential crafting grid, then you are wrong. While the crafting network is of 2X2 crafting table offers you with a 3X3 box. It is required to create complicated crafting, including that of the paper. 

Step 1- Creating A Crafting Table

One of the basic requirements for a crafting table is wood that you can quickly get in Minecraft. Collect a log that would be enough for the creation of a crafting table, and you will soon know how and why. 

Now go to the essential crafting grid of 2X2 then place the wood in one of the boxes in the network. Collect what you see in the right box. It is the four planks that come out of a single log of wood. 

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Now place each plank in a box which means all the four planks would get placed. As soon as you arrange them, you will find your crafting table ready in the right box waiting for your grab. 

Step 2- How To Make Paper In Minecraft: Crafting A Paper

Now assuming that you already have three pieces of sugarcane, let us directly jump to how to make paper in the Minecraft part. Although it is straightforward to create a paper on Minecraft, a mistake in the arrangement may create unnecessary issues. 

So, do it right. Take out your crafting table and place the sugarcanes side by side in a horizontal line. Follow the pattern shown below for help.

Sugarcane Sugarcane Sugarcane

This shall create three pieces of paper instantly in the right box. Collect them by tapping on them.

Why A Paper In Minecraft Required

There are a lot of items in Minecraft that add value to the game easing up survival, just like in real life. Paper in itself may not be of great use alone but is required in the crafting of other essential things in Minecraft. Here is a list of

Paper Is Required For The Following:
Creating a Map
Creating a Book
Increase Map Size
Make a Cartography Table
Create Banner Patterns
Craft Rockets

FInal Tips

Although making paper is very simple and harmless, using paper in crafting other materials can be dangerous. Most of the items crafted using paper also require the presence of gunpowder which if not handled correctly explodes, killing or instead of taking one of your game life with it. 

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