What is genyoutube & How To Download Youtube Videos

Youtube is one of the biggest video streaming platforms in the present time, where you can access videos related to all kinds of subjects and topics for free. It has a 1.5billion+ users base that …

genyoutube and how to download youtube videos

Youtube is one of the biggest video streaming platforms in the present time, where you can access videos related to all kinds of subjects and topics for free. It has a 1.5billion+ users base that accesses it through the youtube app or youtube.com website. However, it covers videos in education, entertainment, sports, and in my opinion, every niche has some videos on youtube in the present. However, you can not download its video direct as a file on your system; you can download some videos in the youtube app. However, some people need to get them on their system, and that genyoutube kind of software came into the picture.

You need some downloader or external applications that can help you download youtube videos for free. However, it is not a legit option to download videos from youtube in the eye of youtube, but it is possible to make it happen. Genyotube will help you to download youtube videos directly to your system; you need to understand some basic things about this external application. Now, I will first introduce you to this application; then, I will discuss how it works then we will explore some alternatives that you can use if it is not working in some particular case.

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What is genyoutube

Genyoutube is a free youtube downloader that you can use to download youtube videos on your mobile, computer, and browser. You can get video files in  mp4, mp3, Mkv, WebM, 3gp, Flv format in your system, and these videos can be obtained both in HD and SD quality. This web application or software will help you download your videos from youtube and save them for the future in case of any issue.

what is genyoutube

Guenyoutube website is quite simple and better with the user interface; you will find a search bar at the top with the menu items such as trends, music, recent, and many others. You can use these collections to understand what is trending among the people and download those content on your system. You do not need any signup process and premium subscription on this tool to achieve your video downloading goals.

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How to download Youtube videos Using Genyoutube

There are many methods here to download videos through this application; all are easy to use and accessible for everyone. First, I will share the natural process and then transfer you the extensions of gen youtube.

Direct Method

To directly download videos on this software, you first need to have the video link you want to download and then put it into the search bar available on the genyt.net website and press the “go” button. Now it will forward you to the next page and where you can see “generate download links,” click on it, and save that video on your device.

By editing the youtube URL

If you do not want to put the video link in the search bar, you can use a shortcut method. Just see the example here.

Orignal youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k8wW0nQ5g24

Edit it into: https://www.genyoutube.com/watch?v=k8wW0nQ5g24

Enter the edit URL in the browser and then press enter to visit the URL. It will start the downloading of the video.

By using the extensions

The last and final method is to use chrome, firefox, and safari extensions on the respective browser, and it will help you download youtube videos directly without any issue.

You can get these extensions download links from https://www.genyt.net/ website and follow the process by clicking on the thumbnail of that browser.

Top Genyoutube Alternatives

In some unexpected moments, if you cannot find this gen youtube video downloader working at your workplace, you can take help from these upcoming alternatives to do the downloading task. I found only those choices that provide familiar functionalities and top-notch service of youtube video downloading on their platform. Check every option on your own, and let me know if you like anyone more than genyoutube.

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1#) YT1s

Yt1s is an online youtube video download that you can use to download videos from youtube. On this platform, you can download videos from youtube to mp3, Mp4 or it also has a Facebook downloader that you can use for Facebook if interested. You can convert youtube videos in Mp3, MP4, and 3GP format for free.

Yt1s is a simple and straightforward website; additional features include no limitation, complete platforms supported, cloud support, and total file format. You can use those features to get the top-notch result through its converter and downloader mechanism.  It supports 20+ languages, which means you can use that site in dutch and Spanish if you are not native English.

2#) Y2mate

Y2mate is used to convert and download videos from youtube without following and signing up and other processes. It has a feature that auto-fetches data from youtube; you need to put a youtube video link in their search bar, and they will collect all information around that video to you and provide you a download link to save that file. Y2mate is available in an android app that you can download videos on your mobile device for free.


However, some additional, or I can say particular, features about y2mate are faster video conversion and browser compatibility. Y2mate supports file formats like MP3, MP4, M4V, FLV, WEBM, 3GP, WMV, AVI, and others to convert and download any file into them.

3#) Yt5s

Yt5s is another alternative that you can consider to get your video file from youtube in formats like MP3, 3GP, MP4, WMA, M4A, FLV, WEBM, and MO. It is also a widely used youtube converter and downloader software that provides a Facebook downloader for videos and files. Yt5s also Supports downloading and converting unlimited Youtube videos with the best transfer speed up to 1GB/s for any user without any registration.


It supports almost all devices or is compatible with MAC, Linux, Android, IOS, Windows, and many others. To download the content through this website, you also do not require installing external software or file to the system. The main thing about Yt5s is that all converted and downloaded files that you put URL in the search bar are kept the same match quality and content as YouTube’s original file.

4#) Youtubedownloader.sh

As the name suggests, it is also a free and accessible youtube video downloader with some fantastic perks compared to other alternatives. The main thing about this Youtubedownloader.sh engine is that it loads fast, and conversion speed is faster than many other downloaders. It has some excellent features such as saving content for offline access, searching YouTube videos to download directly, and downloading youtube to Mp3 in HD 320Kbps sound quality.


Youtubedownloader.sh is not just used for youtube; you can save content from more than 200+ websites like twitch, Instagram, Vevo, gyao, and many others. You can install their app on your chrome browser, and it works pretty well.

5#) Freemake

Freemake is a different genyoutube alternative because its working and functionalities are pretty differentiable compared to any other place. It is available in the software that you can use to download videos from youtube and 10k+ other resources. You need to download and install their software application on your Windows or MAC system. Any user can save videos up to 4K quality through this software, and you can use proxy and parental control settings on Freemake video downloader.


Final words

So, I covered all the youtube video downloaders in this article, also shared the basic information about our main application that you want from my side. Let me know if I leave anything behind in the content; ask me questions in the comments.

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