Features that Makes Gogopdf the Best Online Converter Tool in Town

If you know an online PDF converter that can give you many handy features, it will surely help you lessen the workload with all your PDF files. As the digital world pushes further on becoming paperless, there has been a sudden surge in tools just like this. A quick search on your web browser will give you so many tools to choose from. But how will you know if it’s the best?


One way of knowing if it is a reliable PDF converter tool is knowing what features it offers and whether they can be reliable and usable anytime and anywhere. The converter tool we’re talking about is Gogopdf. If you don’t have any idea what Gogopdf is, you don’t have to worry about anything.

Why Use Gogopdf

What makes this website is all the handy and amazing features it offers. It’s an all-in-one converter tool that can help you with any PDF-related problems. It is a convenient way of managing and editing your PDF files anytime and anywhere you want. It also offers a wide selection of file formats. If you want to know how to convert pdf to png, JPG/PNG to PDF, HTML to PDF, PPT to PDF, Excel to PDF, Gogopdf has it all for you.


Of course, this website is not limited to file conversions only, but it has other functionalities as well, including compressing, merging, splitting, repairing, and many more. It is a handy tool to have to reduce your everyday workload at work.

Multiple Platform Availability

Gogopdf is flexible enough to cater to all types of devices. Whether you own an iPhone, tablet, PC, laptop, or Android smartphone, you are still entitled to the free features of Gogopdf. It can also be used on any major operating system, including Windows, Mac, or Linux, and works perfectly well with any web browser on your computer. There’s no need for you to borrow your colleague’s device just to convert or use Gogopdf’s services. It has been fully optimized that anyone can use it on any device.

Quick and Easy

Gogopdf prides itself on its high usability, which makes your experience with this website extremely fast and easy. Whether you want to convert or use any other tools, Gogopdf guarantees that you only have to wait for only a matter of seconds for the process to be completed while making sure the highest quality output.

No Software Download Required

Since this website works directly on your device’s web browser, you don’t have to install or download anything on your device. It makes this website more convenient and easier to use. All you need is your internet connection and your web browser. With this in mind, you can use Gogopdf’s services anytime and anywhere you want. It also lowers the risk of your device being exposed to malware that normally comes with installation or app download.

High-Level Security

Perhaps one feature that every customer would want is that their files are safe and secure from anyone who wants to have access to your files. Since your files may potentially contain some sensitive information, this website guarantees all of its users that no one will have access to your files but you and that your files’ content will not fall into the wrong hands.


Gogopdf also has installed a 256-BIT SSL encryption technology to securely transmit your data such as your credit card credentials, social security number, or even your files. It encrypts your files whenever you move them along the internet. Also, the server will permanently delete your files after an hour of uploading to ensure that your files will not be compromised.


Even if you use an incognito browser, it does little to nothing regarding your security and privacy. All it does is hide you from yourself. But whenever you use Gogopdf’s services, you will not worry about any security concerns.


We understand that downloading and uploading your files into the internet may be troubling for some people, but this website gives assurance to all of its customers, both old and new, that your files are in well-capable and safe hands. If you want to know more about this website’s security, you can read more about it on their Privacy Policy located on the lower part of their website.

Gogopdf Pro

This website isn’t entirely free of charge. Though it can still be used for free, it has certain limitations. But if you subscribe to Gogopdf Pro, you will have unlimited access to its features and do unlimited tasks. You can convert and edit a ton of your files of up to 2 GB. With Gogopdf Pro, you also get unlimited storage for all your newly converted PDF files in their secure cloud storage.


You also have the opportunity to enjoy Gogopdf’s Optical Character Recognition or OCR that enables you to convert scanned documents or images into searchable and editable data, which gives you an easy time in looking for that certain quote from your file or a book that you’ve taken a photo of. You can also finally enjoy the platform without those pesky pop-up ads that consume a lot of your time.


If you’re interested in Gogopdf Pro, you can get it for a very reasonable price of $9.99 each month, or if you are in the long run, you can get it for $99.99 for a year. This may be too much for some, but we assure you that it is all worth it, and the price comes with a lot of amazing benefits.


Overall, we can guarantee that Gogopdf is both a reliable and convenient way of managing and converting your files. It does not require much from you, but only your device and an internet connection. With those, you can convert your files anywhere and anytime you want from the comfort of your mobile device.


We recommend that all our readers try and subscribe to the Pro version of Gogopdf since it gives you a much better experience whenever you use their services, and you will not be bound by certain limitations.

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