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Eehhaaa is an advertising app where you can get paid for watching ads. You can make money through this app by viewing video or image-based ads on your device. This app is designed for advertising …

what is eehhaaa

Eehhaaa is an advertising app where you can get paid for watching ads. You can make money through this app by viewing video or image-based ads on your device. This app is designed for advertising for anyone anywhere; it is beneficial for both parties, publishers, and people who see ads on the app. 

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In this article, I will share the various aspects of this application, how you can log into the app, and how it connects with the jaa lifestyle and working of the eehhaaa app to give you a broad idea about everything. 

How to Process www eehhaaa com login

To complete the login process on the website portal for the customer or people who want to make some money using this website or application. It is available on the app and website form, and the process for login is almost the same; I will share the complete process now check the given steps:- 

1) first, Reach out for the landing page of login on the website here:


2) You need to put your email address and password to fill the text field. 

3) After that, press the “Login” button to finish the process or reach the portal.  

4) You can also use the direct sign-in option with Facebook, Google, jaa lifestyle login. The process of using these buttons is relatively fast and smooth in general. 

If, in any case, you forgot your password, then you can recover it by using the following steps:- 

1) As similar to log in, you need to reach to login landing page by using the following URL: 

2) Now, click on the “forgot password” button, and you will move forward to the new section.


3) Put your registered email address there to get a recovery password email. You will get the email, click on the link, and change the password by entering a new password. 

4) You can log in after that again to this website and app.

How To register on eehhaaa com

If you have not created an account there, you first need to have a new account on the website to enter into the portal. To do it, you need to follow the upcoming steps:- 

1) Firstly, you need to open the following URL:

2) Now click on the menu item “get started,” It will forward you to a registration form. 

registration of new user at eehhaaa

3) After that, you need to fill in the first name, surname, email, password, confirm the password and then click on the “next button.”

4) On the next page, you need to put the Age, gender, mobile number, country, and city to finish the registration process. It would be best to tick the terms and conditions check box. 

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What is EEhhaaa and Features?

The eehhaaa tag line suggests that advertising for anyone anywhere in the world means you can watch ads or create an advertising campaign for a person who can manage that from anywhere. Basically, this app helps advertisers spend as much as less and reach interested audiences without wasting a high budget on ads. 

As I said earlier, they reward every user who watches ads and get paid for that. So, people are willing to watch ads and take an interest in the ads to help advertisers and customers reach their goals with financial benefits. uses a perfect algorithm that only serves the advertiser ad to the person who has a deep interest in the topic or wants to know about the related things. 

In present time everyone wants to make money using their mobile and laptops and things like ee hahaha makes their dream come true. Basically, it is connected to the jaalifestyle, which gives it all around the members to complete the goal of financial freedom by connecting through Jaalifestyle’s cooperative business model. You can know about the whole model through the jaa lifestyle website. 

Version 1.1.2

Release Date 22 august 2021

Developer SLkingsoft

Compatibility Requires Android 5.0 Or Later

Features of eehhaaa App and website

Its website and app maintain various unique features to help advertisers, and people make money by watching informational and relatable ads. Just check the upcoming points to know all features:- 

1) It provides high-speed browsing because the user interface is relatively easy, and when you open the www eehhaaa com website or its app, it will pop as soon as you click enter on the browser or the app icon. 

2) You can easily manage account creation, login, profile, and other things on this portal and access all the ads with pretty minimum effort. 

3) It also gives the latest news section where you can see the top news connected to the whole world and get proper notification support to only get content related to your interest. 

4) This app or website provides handy categories of content and ads that you can select on any portal and get full access and complete control over all the items and subjects. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQ’s)

What is the Eehhaaa?

It is a website and app that gives money on watching ads and joining the website and app by completing your KYC. 

How does it make money?

You can watch up to 60 ads a day according to your interest and advertisers in that particular niche. You will get paid for every ad you watch, which is how you can make money. 

Is it connected to Jaa Lifestyle?

Yes, many places on the app or website mention connecting with Jaa Lifestyle. You can sign in to the portal using the jaa lifestyle account. 

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