10 Best Cricfree Alternatives To Watch Live Cricket

Isn’t consenting to diverse sets of streaming services procure your chosen sports channel depleting your monetary value? So instead of paying subscription fees for infrequent streaming services, why not just find one site that embraces …

cricfree alternatives

Isn’t consenting to diverse sets of streaming services procure your chosen sports channel depleting your monetary value? So instead of paying subscription fees for infrequent streaming services, why not just find one site that embraces all the sports content under one umbrella?

Finding a dedicated site to equipping you with data and a live streaming system for sports events equals finding heaven. But, if you haven’t stumbled upon a place like that, here is one for you, Cricfree. 

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overview of Cricfree

Cricfree is a pirated sports streaming assistance web application on the internet that remits the timeliness to sports enthusiasts with a scheme to mark their personal sports content without interference.


The sincere interface and access to more substantial erudition and data associated with varied sports under one umbrella have transposed it into an enthusiast ideal. However, this is not the isolated reason why one fancies cricfree over other sites. 

Let us review some of the eye-catching specialties of it that present it irresistible.

  • No registration is wanted to administer this site. You can enter it undeviatingly by just hitting the official site.
  • No subscription payments are demanded to acquire access to live fixtures or broadcasting of events or live tournaments.
  • The categorization system based on the distinctive sports has made locating the events, matches significantly more effortless. Some of the importer channels are
  •  UFC: Shows content related to UFC.   
  • basketball: Everything related to basketball can be watched here.
  • Ufc 238 free stream: like it states, free stream the content live here.
  • You can elect to stream the series of matches in a high-grade tone video.

Best Cricfree Alternatives To Watch live Fixtures

  1. VIPBox
  2. Stream2Watch
  3. Ronaldo7
  4. ScoresInLive
  5. LAOLA1.tv
  6. FromHot
  7. StreamHunter
  8. VIPLeague
  9. MyP2P
  10. Watchcric

1#) VIPBox

Site: https://www.vipbox.lc/

The choicest thing about the VIPBox site is that it is one of the usual essential alternative sites that has influenced the psyche of the viewers for a long time.


The factor that it is one site bestowing essentially the likewise hallmark as that of the Cric free will be astounded to find the number of channels focused solely on broadcasting sports alone. With the help of the VIPBox, you can watch a number of sports matches in segments related to darts, racing, Nascar, Rugby, handball, volleyball, hockey, baseball, basketball, soccer, etc. 

Vip box will equip you with the zing you fancy to attain. Stream the NBA, NFL, UFC matches online in a high range of video resolutions to witness the appearances.

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2#) Stream2watch

Site: https://cast.stream2watch.sx/

Nothing knocks the sassiness of Stream2Watch. It not only intensifies the possibilities of you attending the continuing fixtures or fights without facing any hindrances; however, it also proffers the utilization of the process in the real world quite apparent.

With that being said, the application interface makes the functionality smooth like butter as the easily laid out sects in the site dedicated to sports channels are a reward in itself.


You don’t have to vigorously locate the sports channels as various channels based on cricket, baseball, WWE, NFL, Tennis, wrestling, GOlf, etc. However, it also covers games from leagues such as the NBA, MLB, NFL, NCAA, NHL, PGA Tour, Champions League, Serie A, Premier League, La Liga, and Bundesliga to provide you a memorable experience. 

3#) Ronaldo7

Site: https://www.ronaldo7.net/

Ronaldo7 is zion for Ronald fans and those who affirm to be soccer fans. This cricfree alternative is wholly devoted to producing “everything Ronaldo”.

Any contests featuring Ronaldo? or is there a rivalry going on with Ronaldo’s team playing it out? Is this some interview that Ronaldo was starred in? No matter where it is, what it is, you will find it here.


However, it is not only about the deliverance of “everything Ronaldo,” because you will also encounter extraordinary spirit videos, live updates about soccer for free. In other words, you need not pay a hefty subscription fee or purchase that magazine to know all this information.

4#) ScoresInLive

Site: https://www.scoresinlive.com/

When it befalls to staining the scores of sports, nothing can conquer the fastness of the ScoresInLive. But, as the name insinuates itself, the application is focused on sports scores and updates.

With its aim to implement live updates about the information, scores update of ongoing matches, broadcasting of the endless live games or any events in its respective channels, the application has grasped a spot in the gists of many sports fanatics.


No registration is obliged to start appropriating this channel. Instead, go to the official website and spring-watching for free. The easily laid interface will welcome you with a scoreboard of the contemporary running game, giving you updates about everything you need. So what are you waiting for?

5#) LAOLA1.tv

Site: https://video.laola1.at/de-at/page/sports-channels

Want something that is exclusively sanctified to broadcasting soccer-related events? Then this is the place where you should be. Like the Ronaldo7, Laola1 adjusts to implementing soccer fanatics with updates on soccer and football from around the globe.

Any information related to any teams, any players, conducted interviews, never-before-seen footage straight from the ground, exclusive events, and news regarding the realm of soccer and football can be found here.


While laola1 is effortless to operate, finding the content may enhance easy, you can also use the “search bar” to locate it without the hassle. Then, get yourself to the official website to get what you are looking for.

6#) FromHots

Site: http://www.fromhots.com/

In search of inherent data regarding the realm of sports? Fromhots is where you should head first. You will see the homepage with a list of ongoing fixture’s live data on initiating the official site.

From real-time streaming of sports events and tournaments happening worldwide to broadcasting interviews and events, you will reminisce that Fromhots is, in the truest sense,” a hot one.”


While you can pick any live link related to any contest from the homepage, you can employ the classification category that has significantly classified the separate events sports-wise for more ease. Furthermore, on fromhots, you can also access highlights of the older games by just indenting a circumstantial same name title from the header of this site. 

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7#) StreamHunter

Site: http://streamhunter.net/

Streamhunter title stands for what it intimates that it is ablest for streaming all sports content all day long. No interruption, no confusion, the easily laid interface secures the functionality comparably more permissive than ever.


On visiting streamhunter, you will notice that the website is solely dedicated to providing sports content. From soccer to football, from basketball to UFC, handball, Americal football, volleyball, MotoGP, this website stands most similar to Cricfree.

This constituent advances the utilization quickly. Even the concept of accessing the content is manageable as the layout has made it clear to locate the content one is looking for. No registration is needed to start watching the live content; no fee needs to be paid.

8#) VIPLeague

Site: https://www.vipleague.lc/

If you crave more sports and fixtures choices and can stream them on your device, Vipleague is cooked for you substitute. Likened to the “FromHots,” this website is more simply organized, making the functionality more manageable than thought.


Vipleague is committed to affording sports content in a vast cluster of sports segments, from WWE to UFC, from volleyball to racing, from cycling, snooker, table tennis, badminton to racing; you can capture to connect the scores of the held sports through this site.

You can follow the content live while equipping you with uncountable streaming services and links.

9#) myp2p.eu

Site: http://myp1p.eu/

There is annihilation as stable as Myp2p as it will grant you so many varieties focused on enhancing the watching experience of the viewer. Furthermore, the exceptional streaming quality, starting from 7200p and 1080p, can be adjusted according to the internet connection.


Instead of throwing money on the paid subscription, use this site to get your hands on information related to sports events and tournaments held worldwide. In addition, the option of live streaming is possible here.

10#) Watchcric

Site: https://free.watchcric.cc/home

WatchCric is the unblemished alternative of Cricfree with the most alike factors in the play. All the hallmarks of the application are leveled towards enhancing the viewer experience.

Starting from an efficiently laid interface that serves one locate the content they are trying to find quickly, having the categorization system that improves the site’s aesthetics.


The organized application that appeals to the eye to the aspect of covering most of the information about the realm of sports is astonishing. Moreover, you can use this site for free without a subscription fee or registration process.

Frequently Asked Question

What is CricFree?

It is a free cricket and sports streaming services website system that focuses on delivering sports-related content under one platform.

Is it legal?

While in many countries, the imposition of the regional law has restricted the access of Cricfree, nonetheless, it does make the application illegal.

Is Cricfree safe to use?

Cricfree is not safe to use.

Is it accessible?

Yes. However, in some countries, where it is restricted due to the regional provision, one can download VPN to access it.


Hopefully, the alternatives mentioned above of it will provide you with the resolution you are looking for. In addition, all the sites mentioned above will help you keep yourself hooked to your favorite sports without delay. However, We recommend using a good VPN application to ensure an improvised viewer experience.

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