Sites like Cmovies | Watch Hd movies on Cmovies

Sites like Cmovies | Watch Hd movies on Cmovies

Movies and cinema are a significant part of people’s lives, and everyone wants to cherish them and have some fun in their free time. Due to the ongoing pandemic, there are pretty few movies released on the big screen, and that’s why OTT platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, and many others are increasing. People are taking help from these online movie streaming websites or apps that are giving the same content on the mobile or TV in your home. However, some free movie streaming sites like cmovies, rainierland, putlockers, 123movies that are also growing due to their unique specifications.

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Some people want movies and tv shows for free on their computer; for them, some pirated movies sites such as cmovies and vmovee and many others came into the picture. However, they are neither legit nor not safe options for streaming, but they are used in many cases nowadays. This article is about one of those options, Cmovies, and its similar alternatives that you can use if this website is unavailable or not working on your system. However, I will first explain the essential thing about this website and then move to the alternatives.

Cmovies Overview

Cmovies is a free pirated movies streaming website that provides the streaming link for fresh films, tv shows, and other related stuff. You can watch almost all new movies released on any platform through this website and access them in high quality. It also provides options to filter our the content based on year, genre, and top IMDB ratings. You can select those options through the website menu and find some memorable movies and tv shows list.


You need to remember that this website does not create any content by own they just provide you the streaming link of different servers through their pages. On the home page, you can see all new releases and movies pretty popular among other people. To access or watch any movie, you just need to click on that related thumbnail or link, and you will reach the video player or server link. With a single click, you can stream that movie or tv show episode in high quality with subtitles in your preferred language.

Is comovies a safe or Viable option for streaming?

Cmovies is not a safe and legit option for movie streaming because it does not produce any content, and they steal or publish copyrighted content from other websites to their page. If you can avoid it, leave this website and use legal streaming options such as Netflix, Hulu, disney+, and apply tv and many other options.

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You will find some unnecessary ads on this website that can irritate you and make your experience terrible with the website. Auto click or script-based can download unnecessary and harmful files that can put viruses and other stuff on your computer or system.

If you want to use it, you need to try it with a VPN and a proper antivirus. You can also use an adblocker plugin in your browser to make your experience smoother and accessible on the website.

Best Cmovies Alternatives in 2022

I explained everything about this movie streaming site in the upper section of this content. As I said earlier, it is a pirated movie streaming website, so it faces many issues regarding its server blocking and domain banning through ISP. So, cmovies, in many cases, are not available with the proper domain, and sometimes its website is not working in many locations. However, you will find some working proxies of this website on the internet that you can use for streaming.

I will also share some quality alternatives that you can use if you can not find the cmovies website; these choices will help you. I will also add some legit websites that you can use if you are concerned about this website’s safety and legality.

1#) Watchmovieshd


Watchmovieshd is a place that provides continuous service to the people related to fresh and new movies streaming. You can watch all movies and TV shows for free here without paying anything on the website, and this functionality is precisely similar to cmovies. Watchmovieshd provides you service to seamlessly binge-watch all tv shows and their episodes in high quality. However, you do not need any registration and login to do on the website, and it will save you from any privacy issues with this free movie website.


When you visit the website, there is a vast search engine that you can use to find movies based on actor, director, producer name by just searching there. You can visit the whole website by clicking on the “view full site” button and accessing all the new and fresh titles on a single page. Now you can select from movies, tv shows, and a trending list of content and watch anything you are interested in.

2#) Filmzie

Filmzie is the second choice I can say in these cmovies alternatives, and it is a free and legit one. It does not work on the premium or subscription-based module and works on almost all streaming devices. You can use it specially to watch on tv or direct access on the web browser. Filmzie supports the directors and creators who do not get support from other streams; it publishes their content on the website and streams it for free to the users to watch.


However, you need to create a profile or log in to the website to stream the entire content; you can not watch anything without registration.

3#) Flixtor

Fixtor is also one of the free movie streaming and downloading website that keeps the same functionality as the primary source I am talking about. You also do not require any subscription and registration to go through the movies files on the flixtor website. On this fixtor website, you can watch horror, comedy, and action movies without any trouble by using direct buttons to reach them.


You can access the latest movies and tv episodes through the home page on the website; everything there is primarily fresh and updated recently. However, some auto-click ads can make your experience bitter with this website.

4#) theshit is also a pirated film streaming source that you can use to watch free movies and tv dramas online in HD. You can download its Android app on mobile to stream the same content on your mobile devices. It covers a range of genres such as animation, fantasy, reality, talk, soap, and western, which is a unique functionality of the website. On this theshit website, you can watch movies from the countries such as Argentina, Japan, Korea, and 30+ others.


However, At website, you can convey the most enjoyable entertainment trips of your life without paying any cost or going through any registration process. With the support of English, Spanish and German subtitles, you can quickly jump over the language impediment to exploring more pieces of films, dramas, and shows. This movie streaming site is mobile-friendly and has Chromecast support.

5#) Contv

CONtv is a totally dedicated website to animation, comics, tv, and much-related stuff. However, it has quality English shows and movies on its platform to stream to any user. Contv is a legit and premium source for shows and movies; however, you can find various comics and katanas on the platform to cherish. You can download its app from android and ios stores to stream everything through your mobile device.


It covers films and dramas in sci-fi, martial arts, kids, anime, and thriller series. You need to have an active account to access all the video files.

6#) Moviesfoundonline

Moviesfoundonline is a free and legit movie and documentary streaming source. You can find some exclusive content that some unique filmmakers and directors create. It publishes content available through youtube and is handpicked to stream for free to its users. Moviesfoundonline covers a range in the form of documentaries, animation movies, stand-up comedy, and tv series. You will see most of the trending content on the home page, and for some unique titles, you can search through a top-notch search bar on the website.

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You do not need to register on the website to access all the movies and dramas. However, you can access genres such as mocumentary, Oscar winner, and black and white film through the moviesfoundonline website.

7#) himovies

Himovies has an extensive filmy database of tv shows episodes and fresh films on their server. You can almost watch any new episode related to any tv show released in recent times. You can stream any movie file or the videos linked to new episodes on the himovies website in just one click process. For the latest releases of this new year, there is a section in the website’s menu that you can use directly.


The popular movies section is quite helpful for the new user to directly watch the films that are well known among the other users. You can watch series and movies with one click and play the player of that respective title to start the streaming.

8#) Cataz

Cataz is also pretty similar in design and function with the cmovies and supplies every movie and series file for free. On cataz, you can sort the series and films list based on country, genre, Top IMDB, and many others. You can put your keyword in the vast search bar placed in the center of the cataz website. There are two separate bars for movies and tv shows to distinguish the content, and it is pretty helpful for any new user to differentiate the things.


Cataz also provides the list of coming soon shows and movies that will be released in the next 1 or 2 months on the website. However, it is not a legit and safe choice to stream; it does not have any irritating advertisement on the website. You can watch more than 10k+ movies and tv shows through this website without and subscription.

9#) M4uhd

M4uhd is also a free movie streaming website that you can use to access every recent release movie or any episode release in the last 5-7 days. You will not miss anything on m4uhd related to films and dramas; it also provides anime, Korean shows, and much other top-notch stuff on the platform.


M4uhd also covers filmy videos and shows in genres like horror, comedy, thriller, and many others to attract more people to their platform. You can watch more than 5-10k movies and series episodes file through the website. However, there is no registration required to connect with the video files or server link; however, you need to secure your system by using VPN and ad blocker to make it safe for streaming.

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10#) sflix

Sflix is used to watch HD movies online for free; you can stream Indian films, Hollywood movies, Korean movies, and tv shows through this website. It only publishes content in HDR quality, and you can watch everything live on the platform.


To watch any particular title or anything on the website, click on the “watch now” button that is available below every thumbnail on the main page. After that, you will reach the landing page of that title; you can select any streaming server or video player to watch any particular movies and shows.

11#) linkedfilm

Linkedfilm is a source where you do not require any account or sign-up process. It mainly contains the classic cinema or movies that are pretty popular or well known among the people. You can watch romance, comedy, horror, war, and action movies through the website. You can contact website owners to add some notable films and other stuff; there is a form to connect with the creators.


You can use search by movies or search by actor bar to find some notable titles or heading on the website. You can access their blog for updates and stuff.

12#) Movieninja

Moviesninja covers both the latest movies and greatest movies on their platform to their viewers. This movie website has been working for some time and has a good grip over its audience. The update rate of new content on movieninja is quite frequent. You can see some movies and tv series after some time of release on the offline screen on this website.


You can watch films in niches like musicals, documentaries, biography, and sport on movieninja without following any subscription model. Movieninja also provides a different section for the last three years top rated movies list that you can access by using the menu choice.

Final say

In my opinion, it is everything about these cmovie like websites that you can use to stream any films and related stuff.

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