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To have access to play Minecraft on various platforms such as Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Nintendo Switch and Xbox, a user can make use of a web portal, that is http://aka.ms/remoteconnect.  To be easily able …

https://aka.ms/remoteconnect minecraft error

To have access to play Minecraft on various platforms such as Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Nintendo Switch and Xbox, a user can make use of a web portal, that is http://aka.ms/remoteconnect.  To be easily able to operate the crossplay feature of Minecraft, the users can avail aka.ms/remoteconnect.

The cross-play feature is the one using which a user can play Minecraft using the same account but on different consoles and platforms, or different devices.  Aka MS Remoteconnect makes it easier and painless for the users to play Minecraft. Using Aka MS Remoteconnect’s crossplay feature, a user can play Minecraft with other users online, over a wide range thus it provides a better socialising feature to the users.

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Even if your friends online are playing or operating Minecraft from a different console or platform, you can still play with them with the same ease. All you need to operate the Aka MS Reconnect feature is a Microsoft account to log in to the Aka MS Reconnect and then all your trouble will be gone and much of your time will be saved. With this, playing Minecraft becomes even more fun.

How to Use Aka.MS/Remoteconnect

Now the other important question that arises is, how can the users log in to Aka MS Reconnect? So, here are the basic steps to follow, that is super-easy to follow and that can make your gaming experience even wider and more fun.

aka.ms/remoteconnect enter code page

Logging onto Aka MS Reconnect involves a different procedure for different platforms. Certain major ones are stated as under:-

On Xbox One

With an existing Microsoft Account, you can easily set up a Minecraft Crossplay on Xbox One. For other consoles, the steps to be followed might be a little tough, but for Xbox One they are not that much troublesome. Here, the user doesn’t need to open the aka.ms/remoteconnect login page to connect their device.

Simply following the below-given steps, the user can set up a remote connection on Microsoft.

  • All that a user needs to do is to open the Microsoft Store on their console.
    •Further, the user has to type “Minecraft” on the search bar.
    • As soon as the user locates the game, the user has to download it.
    • The user can also go to aka.ms/xboxsetup and have an immediate setup.
    •After downloading the game, the users can sign into it by simply signing into it using their Xbox credentials.
    •Then, easy access to the game can be made and the user can also get the benefits of enjoying the exciting features added to their Minecraft account.

In case the user has recently owned an Xbox and doesn’t have an existing Microsoft account, then an instant account creation can be done at https://account.microsoft.com. This won’t take much of your time.

To make new friends and to play with them on Xbox, a user just needs to enable the multi-player option. The user can even make or search for new friends by clicking on the ‘Find Cross-platform Friends’ and then you can type the Gamertag of your friends and search for them.

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On PS4 or PS5

For those owning a PS4 or PS5, using the crossplay feature might require the availability of four basic things. They are as follows:-

1.PS4/PS5 Console
2. Laptop/Desktop that has internet on it.
3. The Game. (MINECRAFT).
4. An active Microsoft account.

In case the user does not have an existing Microsoft Account, he/ she can create one easily and immediately using http://account.microsoft.com.

Thereby, to get access to Minecraft’s crossplay feature, the user has to follow the given steps:-

  • First of all, Open the PlayStation Store on your console.
    • Secondly, the user needs to search for the Minecraft game on it.
    •Thirdly, the user has to download the game or the user has to buy the game.
    •Now, after downloading, as the game can be accessed, the user has to log into it by using the Microsoft Account’s Credentials.
    •As you follow these instructions, you will be asked by the game to visit the https://aka.ms/remoteconnect PS4 site.

For efficient working, the user needs to make sure of opening the URL on a separate device which has to have good working internet access.

Furthermore, as the user opens the https://aka.ms/remoteconnect sign-in page, he has to enter the https://aka.ms/remoteconnect Minecraft Code(which he would have already got by that time) on it.

After the user enters the code, on his PS4, an automatic remote connection will be made into his account.

After complete setup, a confirmatory notification will be received regarding the connection of Minecraft to your Xbox Live account. Lastly, the user gets access to Minecraft’s crossplay feature which enables him to play Minecraft via different devices.

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On Nintendo Switch

The process of setting up remote connect on Nintendo Switch is almost similar to that of Playstation and Xbox platforms.

The prerequisite to enable remote connections on Nintendo switches are stated as under:-

•The user must have an existing Microsoft account. In case of unavailability of a Microsoft account, the user has to create one on https://account.microsoft.com. The account setup feature is simple and easy.

•Secondly, having an established internet connection is a must

•Another basic and very necessary requirement is a device, be it a Laptop or a PC because Nintendo Switch doesn’t come with its web browser.

Then, to have an accessible crossplay feature a user has to go through the following steps-

• A user has to search for Minecraft on his/her Switch Shop.

•Once the app is located, the user needs to buy the game or otherwise download it.

• After getting downloaded, the user gets an option to link his/her Microsoft Account to the Nintendo Switch Console.

•Moving further with the instructions being followed, the user has to sign in to the account with the sign-in URL provided by Remoteconnect.

•Then, the user has to copy the code that was displayed on their PC screen.

•After this, the user has to open the remote connect URL with this link at aka.ms/remoteconnect.

•Then, the user has to paste the code and link via https://aka.ms/remoteconnect Nintendo Switch.

•Lastly, the user needs to click Next and then follow the instructions provided there.

After completion of all the steps, a confirmation message will be provided to the user, thereby confirming the linking of your Microsoft account and Nintendo Switch.

Once the user’s linking process is successful, the user will be able to enjoy the Minecraft crossplay feature.

Thus, the user will be able to play with anybody across the world, even if the other person uses a different console.

What is the Aka.MS/Remoteconnect Error

The Aka MS Remoteconnect error persists when a Minecraft player tries to log into his account using various devices or platforms. A user cannot get access to crossplay features without establishing a suitable linkage between his Microsoft account and his portal.

The other reason for which the users get an Aka MS Remoteconnect error is the unavailability of an Xbox Live account. To use the crossplay feature, the user needs to create an Xbox live account, which in turn demands the creation of a Microsoft Account.

In the case of a pre-existing Microsoft Account, the user only needs to create an Xbox account to begin using the crossplay feature.

Other Reasons to get Aka MS RemoteConnect Errors:-

1)Changing Devices:- Sometimes if the user gets an error message on HTTPS aka. ms/remoteconnect, the reason could be the changing of the device by the user. For instance, if the user switches from PS4 to Xbox, the error might occur.

2) Disconnected Server:- Be it an Xbox, a PS4 or a Nintendo Switch, getting an error message is normal if the server is disconnected. If Minecraft can not get connected to the gaming console servers, the error message will appear.

3) Using Different devices constantly:- If a user does not stick to a single device and keep changing them quite often, the Signup message from Minecraft might still pop up.

4) Inappropriate or corrupted data:- If any of the files on your device is inappropriate, damaged or corrupted, the user will get a Remoteconnect error, as long as the files are not removed.

How to resolve https://Aka.MS/Remoteconnect Errors?

1) Create a Microsoft Account

If the Aka MS Remoteconnect error is due to the Minecraft crossplay feature, then it can easily get rid of, by creating a Microsoft account on https://account.microsoft.com, and then linking the account with the device or platforms that a user prefers or operates.

To connect Minecraft to your Microsoft account, the further steps can be used:-

•Open the Aka MS Remoteconnect website and under the prevailing Minecraft error message, the user will get an important code that needs to be entered on the login page.

Then the user Microsoft’s account will be linked to your gaming console.

2) Get your corrupted data deleted/removed

If the user has inappropriate and corrupted gaming files and data, the user needs to get them removed for better efficiency. If the user goes on switching from one device to another, then these corrupted gaming files might result in the Minecraft Login Error. The error can be removed by using the following steps-:

1. Firstly, open the Minecraft game.
2. In the game, go to settings.
3. Then click system settings on the settings menu.
4. After going to the system settings page, the user has to open game storage.

Then after locating the corrupted Minecraft game data files, the user needs to delete them

Further, the user can again try to sign in on the https://aka.ms/remoteconnect login page and enter the necessary credentials over there.

3) It’s required to remove other devices from Microsoft Account

If your Microsoft Account is working on multiple devices, the login error might persist. To get rid of this error, the user has to disconnect their Microsoft Account from all the other devices. This can be done by following the steps stated under:-

1. Firstly, log into using Microsoft account by using your ID and password, on the URL.
2. Then, select your device.
3. Further, click on the “show details” option to access the information on that device.
4. After that, click on “manage” to see the “more details” option.
5. Lastly, click on “Remove” to clear the device from your Microsoft.

While logging in again, if the HTTPS aka remoteconnect error popups, try to contact the minecraft customer service team.

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